Fresh & Fun Kids’ Room Ideas

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Fresh & Fun Kids’ Room Ideas

Contributor and interior designer, Kathleen Leppert, shares some of her latest kids’ room makeovers to help spark your creativity when you tackle your child’s room.

As an interior designer and a mom, I know that kids’ rooms can be fun but challenging spaces to design. You want the design to grow with them as they mature while still showcasing the children’s ever-changing personalities. When embarking on your next redesign project, remember to ask your child for ideas; it is going to be his or her room after all! But remember to avoid the tragic pitfalls of theme or character rooms because we all know the character they can’t live without today will be old news in a few months. If she can’t live without Elsa and Anna somewhere in her room, appease her with pillowcases or sheets that can be hidden and changed easily with little expense.

With your child’s wishlist in hand, I suggest starting your search for kids’ room ideas on Pinterest. Not only can you find inspiration, but you can compile all of your ideas in one place or create your own design board. But before you head off into Pinterest-land, check out these fresh kids’ room ideas my partner and I used for our clients to help you narrow down your search.

Princess Room with a Facelift

This little girl requested a princess room, so we put together the virtual design board below to compile her parents’ ideas and our own.

Here’s the finished product. We decided to put a modern twist on the usual princess theme, so it could grow with her for years to come.

The tee pee can be removed when she outgrows it. Everything else is fairly neutral, which gives the princess feel without the sugary sweetness. The oversized brass letters spelling BLOOM down the wall are a welcome twist to the usual name on the wall, and they add a touch of whimsy.


Boy’s Board Room

This room was designed for an active boy who requested a surfboard or skateboard room. We chose to keep it simple. While he gets his surfboard room now, it’s still easy to change next year when his attention shifts to soccer.

This climbing wall was an idea we found on Pinterest and had custom built for his room.


Sisters’ Shared Space

These sisters share a dressing area that needed a little personality. Custom wooden monograms keep it classic while defining each of their spaces. The thick, gold horizontal stripe and flokati rug add a bit of glamour.


Historical but Modern

This design combines modern clean lines with a few historical touches. We gave these built-in train car bunk beds a present-day, polished look. The original art above the bean bags is a photo of an Aer Lingus plane flying over Ireland, which gives a little nod to his heritage.


Storage Galore

Here’s another great boy’s bunk bed room. We added plenty of cubbies for his toys and collections, but they’re tucked away in trunks, baskets and metal baskets that slide under the bottom bed.


Harnessing in Interests

This young equestrian’s room is a perfect example of how to incorporate kids’ interests in an aesthetically pleasing way. You can tell she loves horses, but it doesn’t overwhelm you as you walk into the room. The hardware finishes on the furniture and closet doors give a gentle nod to her hobby, while the horseshoe print pillowcases, cable knit drapes and lantern fixture really rein it in. The hot pink swivel chair keeps the space youthful and lively.


Tapestry and Textures for Tweens

Tweens‘ rooms might be the hardest to design. Teens know what they want, but creating something that both the parents and the kids can live with can be a challenge. Here’s a colorful twist on a request for a Bohemian room. The tapestry gives great texture and color in an original way.

A record wall and a shelf of leatherbound Penguin Classic books above her desk are fun and functional ways to add some personality to a teen’s bedroom.


Pop of Pink

This teen girl’s room is clean, classic and truly beautiful. The neutral tones mixed with the sprinkle of pink add just the right touch of feminity.

A floor-length chevron mirror with chairs for friends make a great place to get ready and hangout.

The decorative circular mirror catches the color from the art above her bed.