Howie D Releases New Children’s Album ‘Which One Am I?’- EXCLUSIVE Interview And Video Premiere

by Bethany Braun-Silva

Howie D Releases New Children’s Album ‘Which One Am I?’- EXCLUSIVE Interview And Video Premiere

Sure we all know Howie D (Howie Dorough) as one-fifth of the Backstreet Boys, but he is also a solo artist and dad who is gearing up to release his new kids’ album, Which One Am I?  The album is full of inspiration tracks that draw from Howie’s own childhood. 


In fact, the album focuses on a variety of relatable challenges Howie faced in his youth and learned to overcome. Topics like the struggle to fit into his identity as an American kid of mixed-race heritage, worrying, and being in his sibling’s shadow are all highlighted in each of the 12 tracks on the album. 


And while he drew from his own life, his kids also played a big part in his creative process. “The inspiration for this album came from starting my own family and wanting to do something that we can all enjoy together,” he said. “Additionally, when I look into the audience at BSB shows, it excites me to see fans bringing their kids to our shows. I wanted to create something they could all enjoy as well.” 


Check out our interview with Howie below as well as the premiere for his new video for the song, “Monsters in My Head,” which just happens to be his favorite song off the album.

Can you give us a bit of background on “Monsters in My Head”?  What was it like creating this song? I made this song to help my son James understand nightmares. It was a really fun experience working with my writers on this song. We were definitely inspired by Lenny Kravitz on the sound. I am super proud of this one. 


Do you have a favorite song off of this album? “Monsters in My Head” is my favorite. The idea for this song came about when my little one, James, had a nightmare and tried to explain it to me. He referred to nightmares as “monsters” in his head … I thought it was so cute because it reminded me of when I was a little kid and trying to grasp the concept of dreams and how they can sometimes be scary.


What was it like branching out on your own to create new music? Having the opportunity to create yet another solo project has been such a blessing. It’s been amazing to explore this new (to me) sector of music!


What are you hoping kids take away from listening to these songs? I hope that, just like my own kids, they are able to take away that everyone has challenges and obstacles they face and that they can learn to overcome them.


What was your favorite music to listen to as a child? As a kid, I always loved pop music. I was a huge fan of Michael Jackson and New Edition. This love for pop music has definitely had an impact on my sound.


Have your own kids heard the songs? What do they think? They have heard the songs and love them. They each have their own favorites. They’re always singing songs on the way to school and when we’re driving in the car.


How would you suggest introducing music to children in the home for the first time? It’s good to listen to music with your kids and help them understand what they’re listening to. Kids are very honest… they will tell you if they like things or not… My kids have been a great soundboard for my record.