Turn Your Home Into an Educational Summer Camp With These Amazing Subscription Boxes for Kids

by Bethany Braun-Silva

Turn Your Home Into an Educational Summer Camp With These Amazing Subscription Boxes for Kids
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KiwiCo boxes make learning at home fun!


With schools closed for the rest of the academic year and summer camps slowly, but surely, announcing their closures as well, parents everywhere are feeling a collective tinge of panic. While the closures are jarring, it all comes with the territory of navigating this new normal amid the coronavirus pandemic. We know that safety must continue to be the priority, but the thought of having our kids home with us for the entire summer is just a bit overwhelming. 


Over the last few weeks, parents have likely tapped every educational website or learning app while completely abandoning screen-time limits and any semblance of a schedule. We know you’re on the hunt for new resources that will keep your kids busy and learning (we are, too!). KiwiCo is one brand we’re turning to, to help our kids navigate the summer months at home. 


The company offers several different subscription crates that inspire creativity in kids and help develop their curiosity. Kids can build and explore on their own or with their parents to discover topics in STEM, geography, math, science, art and more. The crates are geared toward both early learners as young as infants and older kids ages 14 and up. They range from $16.95 to $19.95 and are delivered directly to your home every month


KiwiCo is also dedicated to helping families during this challenging time and has several at-home resources to explore on its site. Parents can get tips on explaining social-distancing to their children, as well as discover new science experiments, fun challenges and how to get the most out of their crates. 



With over 15 million crates shipped since its launch in 2011, it’s safe to say parents and kids alike love this brand.  


Below, check out the eight crates offered by KiwiCo to figure out which one is right for your family.


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Panda Crate


Ages 0-24 months. This crate includes an issue of Wonder magazine, activity cards, toys and more all designed to help you bond and learn with your baby.

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Koala Crate


Ages 2-4. These crates include activities to spark your child’s imagination and include camping, doctor’s office, rainbow themes and more.

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Kiwi Crate


Ages 5-8. Kids can build kites, rockets, arcade claws and more with this educational crate.

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Atlas Crate


Ages 6-11. Discover the world and learn about geography, cultures and more with the Atlas Crate.

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Doodle Crate


Ages 9-16+. Inspire your budding artist with this arts and crafts crate where kids can learn to create felt succulent gardens, handmade soap and more.

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Tinker Crate


9-16+. Kids can get hands-on with fun STEM projects each month and learn hydraulics, robotics and more.

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Maker Crate


Ages 14+. Creative kids will learn how to make planters, pillows and more fun crafts with this crate.

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Eureka Crate


Ages 14+. Kids will become junior engineers and learn to make a desk lamp, a ukelele and even an electric pencil sharpener with this crate.