The Best Products for Kids with Curly Hair

by Hilary Braaksma

The Best Products for Kids with Curly Hair
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Taming your child’s hair can prove to be quite difficult. No matter your kid’s hair texture, a day spent at the beach, the playground, school or even at home, can tangle hair and leave it unmanageable, which could also lead to tons of tears…from both of you!

Kids’ hair is also very delicate and can break easily, especially curly hair.  Whether your little one has tight coils, bouncy curls or loose waves, it can be hard to find the right product for their hair. Curly hair tends to be more dry and more prone to frizz and breakage than straight hair, so finding products that moisturize, smooth and protect is super important.


Here are some of the best hair products on the market for kids with curly hair.

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Wooden Wide Tooth Comb


Brushing is generally a no-no for curly hair, especially dry curly hair. Brushes can destroy the curl pattern and create serious frizz, while wide tooth combs allow the curls to stay intact while gently detangling. Invest in a quality wooden wide-tooth comb like this one to care for your little cutie’s curls.

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Tangle Teezer Lovely Llama Compact Styler


There is an exception to the no brush rule, and that’s the Tangle Teezer. This brush is designed to be used on wet hair and has flexible teeth that glide through any hair texture—even the kinkiest of curls. The Tangle Teezer’s gentle design makes brushing hair pain-free, which perfect for little kids.

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Kids’ So Cozy Curl Leave In Sweat Pea Conditioner


Curly hair is especially prone to dryness and breakage, so a great leave-in conditioner is a must. This lightweight formula sprays on to smooth curls without weighing them down and has ingredients like olive oil and beeswax to offer shine and control without looking greasy or heavy.

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Shea Moisture Mango and Carrot Kids Shampoo and Conditioner


Moisture is a must for curly-headed little ones! This moisturizing shampoo and conditioner combo is specifically designed with kids in mind, smells delicious and will keep their curls hydrated and bouncy all day long.

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Mixed Chicks Detangling Deep Conditioner for Curly Hair


Some types of curly hair can dry out with too much washing and styling, so it’s important to find a deep conditioning routine that works for your child. This detangling deep conditioning formula for curly hair smooths, detangles and strengthens curly hair against future damage.

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Fairy Tales Curly-Q Daily Styling Spray


This lightweight styling spray gel designed for kids with curly hair has nourishing aloe, hydrating avocado butter and other great ingredients to help shape curls and prevent frizz. The easy-use design and fragrant pear and basil scent makes this fun and kid-friendly.

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CurlyKids Curl Defining Lotion


Creamy curl-defining lotion adds moisture and control to kinky, frizzy and dry-looking curls. This formula is free of heavy waxes, resins, mineral oil and other heavy ingredients to leave hair looking weightless and bouncy.

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Kids’ Microfiber Hair Towel


Microfiber hair towels help soak up excess moisture after washing and are more gentle on delicate curly hair than traditional terry cloth towels. Getting a kid to keep a towel on while their hair dries can be difficult, but these are designed with an elastic band and fun design to make them easy and fun to wear after bathtime.

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Shea Moisture for Kids Extra Conditioning Detangler


Fight frizz with this extra conditioning detangler for kids from Shea Moisture. When kids’ curly hair gets tangled and messy, spray a little of this on and gently comb through with a wide tooth comb to add extra moisture, protection and smooth style.

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Hip Peas Natural Curl Tamer


Curls are so pretty and precious, but moms of kids with curly hair know they can sometimes feel out of control and hard to tame. This natural hair care product safely smooths and shapes even the wildest of curls without making hair feel greasy or sticky.