Best Board Games for Kids of All Ages

by Samantha McIntyre

Best Board Games for Kids of All Ages
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It’s time to unplug! Get your kids to disconnect from all of those addictive digital devices in favor of some good old fashioned fun. Board games have been an entertaining go-to for decades, delivering some friendly competition between family and friends along with a whole lot of side-splitting laughter. With so many options to choose from, simply searching for the right game can be the biggest challenge. Parents simply can’t go wrong with timeless, classic board games like Candy Land and Monopoly that will never grow old or newer varieties like Yeti in My Spaghetti and the award-winning Ticket to Ride designed to challenge young minds and strengthen problem-solving skills.
















These fun board games are not only perfect for a rad indoor rainy day activity, but they are also a great teaching tool for boosting team-building skills and encouraging collaboration and creativity. Little ones will develop social skills as they learn to play well with others while big kids can put their super-smart strategic minds to the test by trying to defeat their opponents. There is something suitable for all age ranges on this list,  but when choosing the best board game, it’s beneficial to consider the skill levels of the players, especially for little ones, to ensure that they can understand the rules and enjoy the game.


Mom and dad can bring back many wonderful childhood memories while playing with their kids as they try hard to beat your socks off. May the best player win!

Best Family Classic Game

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Hasbro Gaming Sorry!


Um, sorry not sorry to knock off an opponent while making the best moves to get those pawns home. That's the name of the game in this board classic. Parents will love playing Hasbro's Sorry! board game with their kiddos who will no doubt get a thrill targeting mom and dad while going for the win. Suitable for kids ages 6 and up.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Always awesome to play an old time board game...brings out the kid in everyone.

We love Sorry and have for years. When the old board was ruined, I searched all over for the same edition. This is it! It’s perfect as is, so I wouldn’t want to switch to the “new” one. My kids were all playing this in preschool. It’s the best!

This is the original version. Fun time with the kids. Great fun, easy to play, and not a game that takes all evening.

Best Overall

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Days of Wonder Ticket to Ride


We are absolutely on board with playing this award-winning game! Ticket to Ride players embark on a colorful cross-country journey building train routes and adding engines to the board by playing matching train cards and fulfilling destination tickets to earn additional points. The goal is to get the most points while creating the longest connecting route between cities. It’s wild ride to say the least! This game is on track to be a huge hit for railroad fans. Recommended for kids ages 8 and up.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Great game with a perfect mix of strategy and luck. It’s also remarkably level-setting in the sense that the whole family can play together and be equally challenged and have an equal chance of winning. Great family game. Geography!

Confusing at first, but easy to learn and a lot of fun once everyone gets the hang of it. The more people playing, the better (and more competitive) it is!

This game is super addicting. Is like an adult version of Candyland. The ONLY complaint I have is the price, but I still bought it so I guess I have no ground to stand on there. I recommend this game to everyone. Easy to learn, fun to play, very competitive. Do it.

Best for Toddlers

Wonder Forge Richard Scarry's Busytown, Eye Found It!

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Wonder Forge Richard Scarry's Busytown, Eye Found It!


We spy a fun time for eagle-eyed kids playing Wonder Forge Richard Scarry's Busytown, Eye Found It! This board game is a treasure as youngsters spin the wheel to move along the board while trying to beat the clock as they search for hidden objects pictured on the Goldbug Mystery Cards. There's plenty of room to travel along this 6‐foot long game board to try to reach the end. This memory game encourages collaboration and focus. It’s fun for the entire family! Recommended for kids ages 3 and up.

Best for Young Kids

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Chutes and Ladders


Who doesn't remember playing Chutes and Ladders as a kid? There's a reason why this timeless board game remains so popular today as little ones eagerly make moves to climb to the top of the board while avoiding that slippery slide backward. It’s easy to follow along and perfect for preschoolers to develop counting skills. Recommended for youngsters ages 3 and up.

Best for Older Kids

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Gamewright Forbidden Island


Adventurers embark on a dangerous quest playing Gamewright's Forbidden Island as players set out to recover four lost ancient treasures hidden on a sinking island. Teams must work together to collect valuable clues and quickly discover the Crystal of Fire, Ocean's Chalice, the Earth Stone and the Statue of the Wind. The team that finds all four treasures and manages to escape the island before it sinks wins the game. This action-packed game loaded with dangerous twists and turns. Recommended for kids ages 10 and up.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This game has been the biggest hit of any that my friends and I have tried. We love the fact that it changes a bit each time that you play it depending on how the land cards fall. The fact that all players have to work together as a team has made it more fun also.

It is the only game I actually look forward to playing with the kids. Super fun for the whole family!

Great family game. We even adapt to 5 players (our family size) Even my 8-year-old can play.

Best for the Whole Family

Goliath Googly Eyes Game

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Goliath Googly Eyes Game


Picture this! The Goliath Googly Eyes Game is truly silliness at first sight. This goofy board game takes charades to another level. As players land on a spot on the board, that spot determines which distorted lens to pop into the game glasses. After putting on the glasses, they attempt to draw a picture featured on the pulled card that their team members must guess before the timer runs out . Get ready for an eye-opening good time! Recommended for kids ages 7 and up.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Wonderful game and great price!

Great buy for the fun involved. Cute game concept that is entertaining for young kids. Pieces are holding up well and great price for the game.

Awesome family fun game.

Best Educational Board Game

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ThinkFun Rush Hour Traffic Jam Logic Game


The award-winning, ThinkFun Rush Hour Traffic Jam Logic Game, requires great logic and reasoning skills to master maneuvering the red car through a pileup to reach the exit. Each card features different skill levels and a diagram displaying where to place the cars on the grid. Players must slide the cars to clear a path through the traffic. Who knew battling gridlock could be so cool? It’s also designed to help kids develop critical thinking skills. Recommended for kids ages 8 and up.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Great game for problem-solving skills. I also like that it’s a simple game without lots of bells and whistles, but it’s not boring. I’ll admit that I like playing it, too! Plus, no batteries needed!

Love this game

they used it at school and my son wanted his own. Exactly as described

happy with my purchase.

I have a very smart 8-year-old niece and get anxious about finding something that will engage her and be challenging. This was perfect. I'd never heard of it before but followed the reviews and she loves it...and her parents approve so I'm good.

Best Silly Board Game

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PlayMonster Yeti in My Spaghetti


Your little one will have to use their noodle while whipping up the best strategy for carefully sliding each spaghetti noodle aside to keep from moving the Yeti. Get ready for giggles while playing this fun PlayMonster Yeti in My Spaghetti game. It takes a steady hand to make sure he doesn't fall into the bowl. Playing with food couldn't possibly be more fun! Winner of the Family Fun Toy of the Year Award, this game is designed for kids ages 4 and up.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Our 4.5-year-old loves this game. It is simple to set up and put away. The gameplay and directions are easy to understand. I also like that it is a game she can win and feel confident playing. A huge hit in our house.

Fun and easy to play game! I think kids of all ages can grasp the concept to play along. Great game to purchase when you need a quick kids party gift also!

Grandson loved this game!

Best Disney Board Game

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Hasbro Gaming Candy Land Game: Disney Princess Edition


An updated twist on the classic, Hasbro’s Candy Land Game: Disney Princess Edition lets players pick a favorite princess character (choose from Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White or Belle) and glide around the board making strides to be the first to dance at the ball. Get ready for a royal battle to succeed in enjoying this sweet game! Recommended for kids ages 3 and up.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My 3-year old LOVES this game! Her dad and I enjoy playing this with her. The figures are really nice, and the game is just right for her age group to be able to play. Easy to follow rules.

The princess pieces are sturdy and good looking. The board and the cards are well made. Our little princess loves playing this game and it's fun having the princess theme instead of the regular Candy land game!

Our daughter loved the princess version! Great for any Disney lover at heart!

Best Word Board Game

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Word up! When it comes to strong spelling skills, Scrabble fits this category to the letter. Forever a favorite family classic, trying for triple word score while working to get rid of all of your tiles will never grow old. Build vocabulary skills while boosting your score and get ready to rack your brain to a T. It’ll provide hours of fun for everyone! Recommended for kids ages 8 and up.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I grew up playing Scrabble with my mother. It's not even considered a game in my family. It's just part of life.

This is great game to play as a family and to help kids learn how to spell.

My family loves this game! We homeschool so this is a great way to practice spelling and vocabulary skills while having loads of fun.

Best Mystery Board Game

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Gamewright Outfoxed! Whodunit Board Game


Stop thief! Line up your suspect cards to begin playing Outfoxed! and hunt for clues using a special evidence scanner to eliminate suspicious crooks while searching for the sneaky scoundrel who snatched Mrs. Plumpert’s pie before the sly fox gets away. Perfect for pint-sized super sleuths! Recommended for kids ages 5 and up.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Entertainment for the whole family! Allows kids to think logically, putting themselves into detective's shoes.

This is a fun game for the whole family! We range in age from 4 years old to 43 years old and we all have so much fun! We have played it every weekend for the last month and we still are having a blast with it. We let the kids take turns on testing the clues in the clue checker and moving the fox. They get super excited to try and figure out who the thief is and it raises a lot of healthy discussions and laughter!

This was a gift for a three year old. He loves this game! Reading is not required to play. All players are on the same team. It is a race against the fox. The outcome is different each time. Average game time is about 20 minutes.