This Is the Only Toy That Keeps My 4-Year-Old Off His Tablet

by Bethany Braun-Silva

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This Is the Only Toy That Keeps My 4-Year-Old Off His Tablet
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There’s a certain criteria a toy has to meet to make it both parent- and kid-approved. First, it has to be fun, so kids will actually play with it. Second, it has to be educational, so parents can feel good about kids playing with it. Third, it has to be affordable. That’s not to say parents won’t splurge on a great toy every now and then, but if a toy checks all three of these boxes, you’ve hit the jackpot. And we are happy to report that we’ve found one of these toys.


The Jasonwell Aqua Magic Doodle Mat is fun, educational, and affordable — and has a near-perfect rating on Amazon from thousands of shoppers. Parents rave that their kids love playing with this mat so much that it keeps them busy for hours. I tried this out for myself with my 4-year-old, and it was amazing. He actually put his tablet down and played on this thing all day. 


There are so many things to do on the mat that it’s hard to get bored. Kids can create their own pictures with the magic water pen, practice writing letters and numbers with the included stencils, or flex their stamping muscles with six fun stamp shapes. 


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To parents’ delight, the toy only uses water, making it is mess-free, and can be placed on the floor or hung on the wall with suction cups. It easily folds down after use, although we just leave ours stuck to the wall, where it’s out of the way. My son loved the “magic” of it all and even got his 8-year-old brother to join in on the fun. 


Amazon reviewers also sing this toy’s praises. “I got this for my almost 2-year-old. She absolutely loves it,” wrote one. “She played with it for four hours yesterday.” Another parent said, “My kids love this, and so do I. They love painting and drawing, but always make a mess. With this, you only use water, so no mess left to clean up! Awesome!! If something happened to this one, I’d definitely buy another!”


The toy costs just under $22, which is a steal for something I consider a quarantine lifesaver. My husband and I definitely agree with the parent above: If something happened to this doodle mat, we’d definitely buy another. It’s that good.


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Jasonwell Aqua Magic Doodle Mat