Vicks Children’s Cough & Congestion Is the Answer To Your Family’s Flu Season Worries

by Bethany Braun-Silva

Vicks Children’s Cough & Congestion Is the Answer To Your Family’s Flu Season Worries

Cold and flu season is fast approaching and parents everywhere are taking precaution. From doubling down on hand washing, to making sure kids are taking their vitamins, there are so many ways we make sure are kids stay healthy during the colder months. But despite our best efforts, kids inevitably will get sick at least once during the winter and no one knows more about that than mom of five and parenting influencer Katie Stauffer, whose adorable twin girls, Mila and Emma, are the stars of hilarious viral videos and designers of their own clothing line at Target.


Katie teamed up with Vicks for the launch of its new medicine, Vicks Children’s Cough & Congestion. “We’ve always Vicks products,” Katie told “My dad’s a doctor so growing up it was always our go-to. Now I have kids and I use it, and I have always gone by what my dad has said.”


The medicine is made specifically for children and is free of artificial dyes and flavors, high fructose corn syrup, and alcohol, which Katie says makes it a “no-brainer” to use when her kids are sick.


“I’ve always been pretty concerned about medicine, because of my dad, and I think a lot of people are worried about giving their kids medicine,” Katie said. “The fact that it doesn’t have any dyes or alcohol or artificial colors and sweeteners, is amazing. We’ve all used it and loved it,” said the Instagram star.


Vick’s children’s cough medicine is specially formulated in flavors that kids love, such as grape, berry, and orange and tackles your child’s symptoms such as cough, congestion and stuffy noses!


And Amazon reviewers are in agreement writing, “Gave this to my child and within like 5 min their coughing stopped! We have been giving this to her every 4hrs as stated and it has been working like magic. Will be buying again! Also bought the children’s cough night, can’t wait for it to arrive!!”


At roughly $10, is definitely worth stocking up on this cold and flu season!