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10 Safest Booster Seats

  • Graco TurboBooster
    Model #8493BRG

  • Fisher-Price Safe Voyage - backless
    Model #EF35B0A

  • Combi Kobuk
    Model #8970

  • Fisher-Price Safe Voyage
    Model #EF35B0A

  • Britax Parkway
    Model #E904157

  • LaRoche Bros. Teddy Bear
    Model #2-2004

  • Safeguard Go
    Model #F100165

  • Volvo Booster Cushion
    Model #PN backseat 3529907

  • Recaro Young Style
    Model #500074242

  • Britax Monarch
    Model #E9053E9

  • Take a look at these simple safety features. According to the IIHS, when sitting in the booster seat, the shoulder belt should be at mid-shoulder on your child, not too far off their shoulder. The lap belt should sit flat on their thighs, not up on their abdomen.