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2010's Hottest Toys: 13 Picks for $30 and Up

  • This beautiful stacking plush from miYim will look pretty sitting in any nursery, and since it's hand-dyed and made of natural materials, it's an adorable and eco-friendly buy., $35, available fall 2010

  • Kids love looking like Mommy and Daddy. So what better than this looks-like-the-real-thing pram, complete with shade, basket and diaper bag?

  • Babies will be dazzled by the Firefly Soother, a crib attachment with gentle lights, soft motions and lullaby nature sounds. It has a grow-with-me design, so when the crib days are over, it can stand still on a bookshelf or night table. Sleep tight, baby! These bed bugs won't bite., $36.99, available July 2010

  • For any kid who loves Dinosaur Train (or loves dinosaurs -- or trains), the new interactive toys from Learning Curve are a must-have. They talk and roar at each other, and the large T-Rex chomps, stomps, roars -- and says more than 70 dinosaur phrases and facts., $39.99

  • Check out the first toy that uses web apps, the Spy Video Trakr. It's a remote-controlled vehicle that can be programmed to memorize and maneuver any path (say, from your son's room to his sister's room), and digitally transmit color video, audio and data back to the holder of the remote control (in other words, spying made super hi-tech and easy). Kids can then save, download and share what they've programmed and created with other kids on, $120, October 2010

  • LEGO wasn't joking around when they designed the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows set, scheduled to be released in November. It's seriously detailed, with secret trap doors, fireplaces, crooked stairways, and more.

  • The best toys are often open-ended, allowing for a zillion different creative possibilities. Makedo, chock full of connector pieces, encourages kids to turn cardboard, plastic and fabric into new toys and structures. After they make robots, greenhouses, kitchen sets and more out of regular cereal boxes, light bulbs, and other trash, they can take it apart and use the connector pieces for something else. Check out for inspiration and a quick how-to video., Kit for 1 $25

  • The Thomas Wooden Railway Rumble and Race Mountain Set will wow any Thomas lover -- the tracks twist through a rumbling mountain that lights up, and it comes with snowballs that chase Thomas to the bottom., $150

  • From the knockout design team at Sprig, this shopping cart (made of recycled materials) has a removable basket perfect for picnic time; when the basket is out it makes a easy-to-push toy stroller. Dishes are included, making this a toy with a lot of possibilities., $30, available fall 2010

  • We're glad to see another baby boy doll, and this Baby Boy Stella doll is soft and huggable. (Plus we love his dino-stamped binky.), $30.00

  • The Ready, Set, Go! Trike grows with your child, from ten months to two years and beyond. It starts out as a pushable stroller with bottle holder, canopy, and footrest, and as your child advances you can take away the headrest and utilize the pedals. Finally, when your kid's ready to go, go, go, remove the steering handle and watch it turn into a trike with pedal power. Comes in two colors: red and pink.

  • Remember My Little Pony? Manhattan Toy's Star Willow Stable ponies have long, smooth locks begging to be brushed and styled, and they're cuddly and fun to trot around with.

  • We love that LEGO is getting into board games, and here's one you can buy for your kids and then pull out for you and your own friends after bedtime. It's like Pictionary ¿ with LEGOs -- where players show off their quick building skills., $34.99, available in March