Tidy Up Your Kids’ Rooms with These Easy Organization Products

by Hilary Braaksma

Tidy Up Your Kids’ Rooms with These Easy Organization Products
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Whether you’ve been swept up by Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up book and Netflix series, inspired by a million organizational Instagram posts or you’re just looking for some tips to get your kids’ space under control — these product picks from Amazon, Walmart and more are perfect for your home solutions.


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Cardboard Boxes


Almost every tidying project needs to start with a good purge. Ask your kids to identify which items they would like to get rid of, and make some executive decisions when you need to. “If you know it’s been languishing at the bottom of the toy box, let it go,” says Tracy McCubbin, organization expert and author of Making Space, Clutter-Free: The Last Book On Decluttering You’ll Ever Need. Toss any toys, games or puzzles that are missing pieces or items beyond repair. Anything still in good condition can be given away. This five pack of small moving boxes will make decluttering easy.

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Carter’s by DaVinci 6-Drawer Double Dresser


Drawers are great storage, whether you’re using them to store away toys or hold all those adorable kid-sized clothes. This attractive, minimalist dresser has six equal-sized drawers with convenient finger pull openings that give little ones easy access. Marie Kondo’s folding method will make this dresser the hardest working part of your child’s room.

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Bamboo Drawer Dividers


Make those dresser drawers work even harder when you add adjustable drawer dividers. Dividers can help separate rows of small things like underwear and socks, or keep art supplies neatly separated from LEGO pieces. This set of four drawer dividers is made of attractive, durable and easy-to-clean bamboo.

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Container Store Small Everyday Boxes


These cute compact containers come in a range of kid-friendly colors, are affordable and have lids to keep contents from spilling. Store puzzle pieces, small toys and more. You can also line the boxes up on shelves or arrange them in drawers. Because these boxes are transparent, kids can always find what they’re looking for without too much digging.

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Large Banana Delilah Tote Basket


Storage should feel beautiful and functional — not to mention easy for kiddos to dig in during playtime. This pretty, open-top basket from World Market is perfect for storing blankets, dress up clothes, stuffed animals and more. Having easy access, close-to-the-floor storage is a great way to get younger kids to help you pick up when playtime is done.

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Ceramic Trinket Dish


No matter how organized you are, loose change, hair ties, trinkets and more are bound to show up in any space kids hang out in. Keep trinket dishes on shelves, nightstands or in drawers for kids to place miscellaneous items or things they reach for frequently, like chapstick or a favorite action figure.

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Sauder Storybook Kids Bookcase


Vertical storage is a great way to make a small room feel less cluttered. Stack books, small baskets and boxes of toys and display treasured artwork on this nearly 5-foot tall bookcase with four shelves, two of which are adjustable. Make shelves (and the whole space) even neater by placing like items with like items. Books on one shelf, boxes of toys on another, and craft items on yet another. “Like with like serves two purposes,” says McCubbin. “They know precisely where to put something away, and exactly where to look for it when they need it.”

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Erasable Chalkboard Label Stickers


It’s easy for us to remember an item’s home, but it can be harder for kids to remember if the markers go in the green box or the wicker basket. Sort them all out with these awesome erasable chalkboard label stickers. Use chalk or a chalkboard marker to label which items go in which containers, and simply erase with a damp cloth and rewrite if you change your mind, or peel it off without any damage when you’re done with the label.

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Gratitude Journal for Kids


We all know that gratitude is a great thing to practice, but how does it affect clutter? One of Marie Kondo’s most unique practices is that she encourages de-clutterers to thank items they no longer want before getting rid of them, and she kneels to thank every space she enters for being of service. Being mindful of and appreciating possessions can help kids value what they own and curb the desire to amass more and more.

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Spectrum Stowaway Basket


Keep a basket around to use as an ongoing donation box — this slim, wire basket works great because it’s lightweight and easy to store under a bed or in the closet. Teach your kids to edit their own possessions — when they no longer play with a toy, read a book or fit into a favorite t-shirt, encourage them to put these items in the donation basket for somebody else to use and love. Learning to let go of material possessions and take ownership of their space is a priceless life lesson. “Put some parameters in place that will help,” says McCubbin. “For every new toy or article of clothing in, one goes out.”