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Best Family Podcasts

  • Best for expectant parents
    Birth, Baby and Life is an awesome show for parents-to-be. Host Kirsten Burgess is "crazy about everything pregnancy, childbirth and baby" and happily guides you through each stage with ease.

  • Best for new parents
    In the early stages of parenthood, it feels like the sleepless nights and humbling moments will never end. The Longest Shortest Time was created by Hillary Frank to help new parents through those painful few months. At its core, this podcast is a reminder to new parents that they aren't alone.

  • Best for toddlers
    Do your little ones love Elmo and the Cookie Monster? Then the Sesame Street Podcast is right up their alley. It's a video podcast featuring all of your favorite Sesame Street characters with occasional cameos from celebrity guests. The fuzzy friends created by Jim Henson explain the meaning of words like "challenge" and "arachnid." It's free. It's portable. And it's fun.

  • Best for elementary school-aged kids
    Storynory is a mixture of original stories, fairy tales and specially adapted myths and histories performed by professional actors and storytellers. The podcast is designed for kiddos 8 to 11 years old, but Storynory's fanciful nature and stellar storytelling can be fun for the whole family. Each story is a grand adventure and will have your kids hooked from the get-go.

  • Best for the whole family
    Take a dip into some forgotten episodes of world history with Stuff You Missed in History Class. From the Salem witch trials and Chinese foot-binding to Laura Ingalls Wilder and the New England vampire panic, they make history fun and entertaining ... ya know, the way it should be.

  • Best for moms looking for a laugh
    One Bad Mother is a comedy show all about motherhood and how unnatural it can be sometimes. Next time you feel like a fish out of water as a mother, tune into One Bad Mother and know you're not the only one.

  • Best for dads
    Hosted on the Life of Dad podcast network—home to "good, funny, real dads"—Bobblehead Dad Parenting provides simple, straightforward advice for dads with kids of all ages. Host Jim Higley covers an array of topics from behavior issues and technology to dealing with drugs and getting into college.

  • Best for working moms
    Are you a working mom trying to juggle kids, home life, a partner and all the other things life throws at you? Then Manic Mommies is perfect for you. Hosted by two working moms, Erin and Kristin, this show focuses on all that working moms striving to "do it all" are trying to tackle.

  • Best for advice
    For a treasure trove of parenting advice for everyone busy parenting—from newborns to teens, The Parents Journal is a great source for "providing healthy, happy childhood right from the start." The show features interviews with some of America's best pediatric, child development and pregnancy experts, as well as chats with real moms and dads.

  • Smartest parenting podcast
    Slate editors Allison Benedikt and Dan Kois review and debate the latest parenting news on Mom and Dad are Fighting. Pick a side as the twosome slug it out about everything from school lunches and family vacations to lice and religion.