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Liven Up Your Garden with Flowerpot People

Clarissa Harper

What you'll need

2 medium terra-cotta clay pots, 4 inches in diameter at the top
14 small terra-cotta clay pots, 1 3/4 inches in diameter at the top|
Poly rope or nylon rope
Paint in various colors
Hot-glue gun
Crafting tape, 1/2-inch thick
Flower stickers or colorful buttons

What to do

Preparing the arms and legs

1. Paint the outside of eight of the small clay pots in your favorite color. These will be the legs.
2. After the paint has dried, cover the upper rim of each clay pot with crafting tape. Since the crafting tape is thin, wrap the tape around a few times for best results.
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the remaining six small clay pots in a different color. These will be the arms.
4. Cut four 12-inch lengths of rope.
5. Tie a loose knot at one end of the first length of rope.
6. Hold one of the clay pots for the legs upside down. Push the unknotted rope end through the hole and pull the pot down the rope until it hits the knot at the other end. Lightly tug on the clay pot to ensure that it is secure on the rope.
7. Tie another loose knot about 1/2 inch above the top of the first clay pot.
8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 three timesuntil 4 clay pots are joined together to form the first leg.
9. Repeat steps 6, 7 and 8 to make the second leg and two arms, except that the arms should each be made of just 3 clay pots.
10. Paint the arms and legs in colors you want.

Preparing the head

1. Stand one of the medium-size clay pots upright and draw a face on it using a marker.
2. Paint in the face using your favorite colors.

Preparing the body

1. Paint the outside of the second medium-size clay pot the same color as the arms.
2. After the paint has dried, place the clay pot upside down and glue the lace trim around the bottom of the pot.
3. Glue on the buttons and flower stickers down the middle of the pot.

Assembling the flowerpot person

1. Thread the extra rope on the ends of the two arms through the hole in the top of the body clay pot.
2. Tie the two ropes together in a loose knot.
3. Adjust the knot to place the top of the arms at the top of the body.
4. Thread the extra rope on the ends of the two legs underneath the body up through the hole on top.
5. Tie the two ropes together in a loose knot.
6. Adjust the knot to allow the body to sit on the edge of the table and the legs to fit underneath.
7. Tighten the knots, and cut off the extra rope.
8. Add glue around the entire top edge of the body.
9. Place the head clay pot, right side up, on top of the body and push it down firmly until it is secured.
10. After the glue has dried, you may add soil in the head and plant some seeds.