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10 Lively Indoor Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

  • glow in the dark party

    Get Your Glow On

    Some of the best birthday party ideas can be the simplest, like a glow-in-the dark party. You can turn your living room into a trendy dance club by merely adding a black light, your kiddo’s favorite tunes, glow sticks and a strobe light. Tweens will love painting each other's faces with glow-in-the-dark face paint, and little ones can delight in the fact that the glow sticks can be turned into necklaces (loop at the top), which also makes them the perfect party favor. Watch your birthday babe and friends light up as they get to giggling over how goofy they look glowing in the dark! 

    We Recommend

    Glowchampion Glow Sticks
    Let your little ones celebrate by getting their glow on with this set, which includes 25 nontoxic pieces that can last up to 10 hours. Be sure to save a stick for yourself! 

    Sonic IQ Disco Strobe LED Light
    Turn any room into a disco nightclub with this portable, battery-operated strobe light. 

    Midnight Glo UV Neon Face & Body Paint Glow Kit
    These nontoxic pink, orange, yellow, blue, green and purple paints  wash off easily to ensure that parents won’t throw you any shade when they pick up their kids. 

  • drive in theater party

    Drive Right Up

    Kids party ideas can quickly break the bank, but for this drive-in movie theater birthday bash, no pricey movie tickets or concessions are necessary. Bring out the popcorn and let the kids sit back in their cars, which are made from cardboard boxes and paper plates. But before the DVD starts or the movie begins streaming, bring out the washable markers so guests can personalize their cars and make them their own. Once settled, provide plenty of snacks and refreshments to get them through the flick. After the film, watch the kids race to enjoy the car birthday cake you made!

    We Recommend

    Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote
    You know that phrase, “good things come in small packages?” They were likely talking about the Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, which can be used to view your family’s must-see movies and shows and play songs on your HDTV. Thanks to the abundance of content from over 200 channels and apps like Netflix and Hulu, as well as Prime Video and Prime Music, you’ll find something that hits the spot for guests of all ages. 

    Crayola® Ultra-Clean Markers Broad Line Washable 10ct Classic 
    With 10 colors ranging from red and green to blue and yellow, these classic tints are sure to take each kiddo on a creative journey. 

  • glamping party

    Glamour and Camping = Glamping!

    There is seemingly no end to the ideas for camping out in your backyard, but it’s taken to a whole new level when tents turn into mini-spas. From customized and ruffled tents to “Glam-Aid” kits stocked with things like glittering stickers, cool cosmetics and glamping hair-tie party favors, this is one of our favorite birthday party ideas for kids who love the outdoors but with a touch of “sparkle.” Combining camping and glamour is a blast, but don't forget the best part of camping—the s'mores! And if that's not enough sugar for you, try your hand at making a butterfly birthday cake, an unexpected guest that will have all little party goers fluttering with joy. 

    We Recommend

    Girls Mermaid Nail Polish, Lip Gloss & Eyeshadow Cosmetic Case Set 
    Recommended for ages 6 and up, this kit has everything they need for a glamping-themed party, including eye shadow (10 shades!), nail polishes, lip glosses, a glittery nail file and body glitter. 

    Glamping Party Hair-Tie Favors
    Stylish and cute, these hair ties can be customized with the guest of honor’s favorite color scheme and theme, and you can even personalize the text on the card that holds them. 
    ($20 and up;  

  • Cowabunga, Dude!

    Considering that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live underground, an indoor birthday party is a perfect place for a TMNT-themed shindig set in the sewers of New York City! From pizza box races to punching cups to knock-out Shredder, this is one of the best — we mean “most bodacious” — kids birthday party ideas to bring out the inner ninja in all your guests. Just stock up on a few party-themed plates, cups and napkins, and dress tiny turtles for the occasion with the appropriate mask and shell (or in this case, cape). You’ll be hearing, “Totally tubular, dude!” repeated among the “radical” reptilian partygoers in no time!

    We Recommend

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Deluxe Party Kit 
    Here’s everything you need to have a “gnarly” gathering, including dinner plates, cups, plastic utensils and napkins, plus balloons, ribbon and decorative crepe paper.

    Ninja Turtle Cape and Mask 
    The felt mask is secured with an elastic strap while the satin cape uses Velcro to securely stay in place for hours of fun battling The Shredder and other NYC sewer bad guys. 

  • Under the Big Top

    Step right up for some birthday party ideas that are sure to amaze! What child hasn't begged to play just one more game at a carnival? Bring that amusement inside with a carnival party that features classic games, like paper plate ring toss and bean bag throw. Unlike the carnival, you won't spend a fortune attempting to score that miniature stuffed animal! Throw in some salted peanuts, cotton candy and a face-painting station (here are some great ideas), and you've brought the Big Top to your child’s very own birthday party.

    We Recommend

    Learning Resources Rainbow Bean Bags
    Perfect for developing gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination, this set comes with six different-colored bean bags as well as suggested activities you can do outside of a carnival setting. ($9;

    Leah Fanning Natural Face Paint Kit 
    Makeup applicators are included with these handy, nontoxic paints, so summon your inner artist and get those kitty cat, tiger and butterfly faces on for hours of pretend play.

  • They Shoot, They Score!

    Party guests will have a ball playing ball and testing their skills at your kiddo’s birthday celebration. The best part of sports-themed party ideas for kids is that, yes, they can be done inside without posing too much of a risk to lampshades or picture frames, plus you don't have to limit the fun to one sport! Try your hand at marshmallow soccer, dare to kick a field goal through Popsicle sticks or test your skills at ring toss. Whatever you choose, get everyone's autograph just in case they make it to the big leagues. And serve your little sport a birthday cake themed toward his favorite activity, whether it's football, soccer, baseball or basketball

    We Recommend

    Imagination Generation Jungle Ring Toss Game
    Designed for one to four players, this animal-themed game even has the bonus of improving gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. 

  • Fins are More Fun

    Sure, you can have a lovely, standard tea party — or you can have a whimsical mermaid tea party! Show young guests a world "under the sea," where they can make mermaid jewelry, swim in blue balloon salt waters and eat ocean-themed foods, like shell-shaped macaroni and cheese, Nilla-wafer clam cookies and even a mermaid birthday cake. When it comes to kids birthday party ideas, you can’t go too overboard, so dive in and have fun! 

    We Recommend

    ALEX Toys Mermaids Jewelry Shrinky Dinks Kit
    Accessorize under-the-sea outfits with fun jewelry made from this kit, which  includes mermaid, turtle and dolphin cutouts, plus colored pencils, earring hoops and clasps, beads and string. Recommended for ages 5 years and up.

    Spritz 15ct Blue Balloons 
    Hang these balloons from the ceiling, scatter them on the ground or bundle them in a bouquet to create a blue ocean of awe. ($2;

  • Hunt for Treasure

    An indoor space is a perfect location for kids party ideas such as an epic scavenger hunt. Whether you prepare the hunt's theme (pirates, complete with a pirate ship birthday cake) or use a pre-purchased treasure hunt game, your kids will love searching for clues in hopes of being the first to solve the mystery. You can even make things trickier by adding games, puzzles or challenges to each clue. Happy hunting, parents, and enjoy watching those little faces flood with excitement as they answer each clue!

    We Recommend

    Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game
    Clueless as to how to create a treasure hunt? Fear not: This game includes 100 reusable Clue Cards, a treasure map, a golden bar and coins, and a loot bag. There’s also a complimentary ebook, courtesy of Amazon, to provide even more fun ideas!

  • Surf and Sand

    There may be a chill in the air outside, but that doesn't mean the sun isn't shining inside at your indoor beach party. Ask itty-bitty beach bums to bring their favorite sand and water toys. Then, just lay out towels and pop up tents as you crank the Moana soundtrack. You can turn a kiddie pool into a ball or balloon pit for a non-sandy ocean they can play in, and don’t forget to put the empty birthday gift-wrap tube to good use with a laugh-out-loud limbo contest! Conclude the beach blowout with a tropical island birthday cake.

    We Recommend

    Jumping Beans® Patches Beach Towel 
    Stock up on a few favorite prints of these cotton towels to use at your child’s indoor beach party and beyond. 

    Pottery Barn Large Rainbow Stripe Pop-Up Tent 
    Some days you need a little shade at the beach, while other times you need a little beach hut in the house. Either way, this tent, which measures 85.5”W x  47.25”D x 41”H and folds flat when not in use, has got you covered. 

  • Jukebox and Juice Boxes

    Put on your favorite poodle skirt and get ready to kick up your heels at one of our favorite throwback indoor birthday party ideas, a retro sock hop party. Turn any area into a dance floor by spray-painting linoleum peel-and-stick tiles or tossing down a kids rug worthy of some serious moves. Add a jukebox cutout for the perfect accessory to a photo booth (don’t forget the props). Then, have junior party guests jive on over to enjoy your must-have microphone birthday cake. Meet you at the hop!

    We Recommend

    RG Costumes Poodle Skirt Child Costume 
    One, two, three o'clock, four o'clock, rock … We're gonna rock around the clock tonight. You’ll love watching your birthday girl boogie woogie all night long (well, maybe afternoon) in her retro pink skirt and white lace scarf, which can also serve as her next Halloween costume.($20;

    1950s Rock N Roll Party Photo Booth Props Kit
    Party guests will be smiling from ear to ear with these colorful ’50s-themed props, which include dowels for easy holding.