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Mother's Day Fails: Homemade Gifts Gone Horribly Wrong

  • Second Favorite Parent

    Nothing says "I love you" like hearing you're your kid's least favorite parent.

  • Stating the Obvious

    He may not be the most heartfelt child in the world, but he's certainly the most literal.

  • Love You to the, Um, Moon and Back

    If that doesn't put a smile on Mom's face, not sure what will.

  • Thanks, Mom!

    If this isn't a reason to wish Mom a Happy Mother's Day, not sure what is.

  • Improvisation at Its Finest

    It may be thoughtless, but it's certainly creative!

  • Even the Dog Likes Dad Better

    Happy Mother's Day! Even the sleeping dog likes Dad better!

  • Mom, You're as Smart as...

    A pancake! No, a dog!

  • A Mother's Day Recipe

    Just in case you ever wondered how Grandma made her famous watermelon, here you go, Mom!