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Oprah-Approved Mother’s Day Picks

  • organic flower grow kit

    Organic Flower Grow Kit

    These organic flower kits from Urban Agriculture allow mom to grow her own colorful gardens right on the windowsill. Complete with the pot, seeds, and soil, all mom has to do to start her garden is find a sunny spot for them. Then in what will feel like no time at all the flowers will start blooming and bring a pop of color to her space. ($39;

  • wisdom of sundays book

    The Wisdom of Sundays by Oprah Winfrey

    Inspired by Oprah’s own spiritual journey, each page of this 10-chapter book, The Wisdom of Sundays, is filled with “aha moments” and insight into some of the most inspiring conversations had on Oprah’s show Super Soul Sunday. Beautiful pictures accompany powerful words from thought-leaders such as Arianna Huffington, Eckhart Tolle, and Cheryl Strayed making this more than a book, but a keepsake. ($28;

  • gratitude glass jars

    Gratitude Glass Jar

    There are so many things to be grateful for. With this Gratitude Glass Jar, mom can keep track of all of it. She can write down the things that she’s grateful for as they happen, or turn it into a conversation starter at the dinner table. Pro tip: Encourage everyone in the family to write down what they’re grateful for that day at dinner then share. It’s a great way to bond and learn more about each other. ($45;

  • corkcicle wine glass

    Corkcicle Stemless Glass

    How many times has Mom sat down with a nice chilled glass of her favorite white wine, only to get distracted and forget all about it until it’s already turned warm? Save Mom the heartbreak of her wine no longer being at the perfect temperature with this revolutionary wine glass. This triple-insulated wine glass keeps her drink at the perfect temperature, whether it’s inside enjoying a movie, or hanging by the pool. Bonus: The stainless steel and plastic material, as well as the shatterproof lid, keep this wine glass safe from those all too familiar “oops” moments. ($23;

  • tocca luxurious hand cream

    Tocca Hand Cream

     A mother’s hands are irreplaceable. With a loving touch they can fix almost anything. Help Mom nourish her hands with this super-luxurious Tocca hand cream. This lotion can make the few minutes spent applying it like a mini vacation, thanks to the quick hydrating properties and fresh scent. Bonus: The packaging of this hand cream is so pretty Mom won’t mind leaving it on the bathroom counter. ($20;

  • women's stretch comfort lounger

    Softies Women’s Stretch Lounger

    After a long day, Mom deserves nothing more than putting on comfy clothes and curling up with her favorite drink. With the Softies Stretch Lounger, Mom can snuggle up in comfort. Super-soft velour lines the inside and outside so Mom is in maximum comfort mode, and the flattering style means she can wear it for a night in or a day out. ($94;

  • great thought a day journal

    Thought A Day Notepad

    For the mom who chronicles the daily happenings of her and her family’s, life the Thought A Day Notepad is a perfect pick. Each page has an inspirational quote from an influential person for Mom to ponder as she journals. Bonus: This beautiful journal is the perfect desk or bedside accessory. ($13;

  • magnolia tree

    Southern Magnolia Tree

    If Mom has a green thumb, she’ll love receiving this beautiful Southern Magnolia Tree. Right out of the box, this tree is ready to be planted and loved for years to come. Every year when the magnolia blossoms bloom, Mom will be reminded of this special Mother’s Day gift. You can even get a customized tree tag for an extra-special touch. ($64;

  • patchwork bear kit

    Patchwork Memory Bear

    If your goal is to make the woman in your life teary-eyed with your Mother’s Day Gift (in a good way, of course), then this Patchwork Memory Bear is a great gift idea. Simply gather up old clothes, baby blankets, or any piece of fabric that holds a piece of Mom’s heart, include instructions to the maker, and ship the bear kit out to be created. In just a few weeks your custom patchwork bear will be shipped back, ready to be displayed and loved by Mom. ($120;

  • luxe milk pajama set

    Barefoot Dreams Pajamas

    This Barefoot Dreams pajama set may be inspired by men’s pajamas, but it’s anything but masculine. With the piping detail and relaxed fit, this pajama set is a great gift for a mom who loves to relax. Gift with a cozy pair of slippers and a new candle and let mom enjoy an empty house for an evening to take full advantage of this gift.  Plus-size mamas, fear not; extended sizes are also available. ($130–135;