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Trying to Get Pregnant? There's An App For That


If you are trying to get pregnant and it is taking more than just a few months, you might want to consider getting help from your phone. Yes, technology is plugged into every part of your life, including your fertility. Fertility apps can help you track everything from your ovulation to your PMS symptoms to your cervical mucus. Finding the perfect app for you is a little like dating, so feel free to try more than one at a time until you find your match. Here are a few apps to get you started:

Fertility Friend

The Fertility Friend app is available for Android and iPhone users as well as through its website. This flexibility was a major selling point for Jennifer, mom of two: "I could add in my notes about my symptoms or mood throughout the day from my computer without having to get out my phone each time at work." Fertility Friend helps you become familiar with your cycle, which is step 1 for getting pregnant. It tracks everything from your period start dates to your basal temperatures, and it can help you remember when your cycle started, how you felt when you were close to ovulation and when you should have sex to help optimize your chance of conceiving. You can download a simple period calendar tracker for free, but any other fertility features require you to purchase the upgrade for your phone.


The OvuView fertility app not only keeps track of your cycle, symptoms and ovulation, but it also compiles the data in fertility charts and suggests when your peak fertile times are. However, keep in mind that it's just an app. Everyone's cycle is different and can vary each month, especially if you have polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis or other reproductive issues. However, Kristy loved the app's reminders: "I'm a busy mom and trying to keep track of when I'm supposed to get my period is at the bottom of my list. This app helped keep track of that for me and let me know when I should expect getting my period or take a pregnancy test." OvuView works on Androids but is currently not available for iPhone users.

Woman Calendar

If you are an Apple user, consider downloading Woman Calendar. While the name of the app is a little cheesy, the app itself is not. The app tracks your period, temperatures and ovulation, and it reminds you when menstruation or ovulation should occur. The best thing about this app is the interactivity. You can print out reports generated from the app or email them to your doctor.

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