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Cell Phone Use Linked to Male Infertility


That's right, guys, the very same device that simultaneously gives you sports highlights and Twitter updates may also be impacting your fertility. It turns out that the radio-frequency electromagnetic waves emitted from cell phones can damage sperm.

At least one study has shown that cell phones damage sperm's viability and ability to swim, effectively lowering your sperm count. This is believed to apply to cell phones that are transmitting or are in talk mode and that are in close proximity to men's lower halves. Men who love going hands-free with a Bluetooth device often leave their cell clipped to their belt or in their front pocket, which directly exposes a guy's goods to the bad stuff.

Cell phone radiation is now added to the growing list of environmental factors that have been linked to fertility issues in men, including toxins, pesticides, and air pollution. Studies are still underway to determine what, if any, DNA damage might occur in sperm exposed to high levels of cell phone radiation and how it may impact the future health of a baby born from radiation-exposed sperm.

How to Reduce Exposure
Men who are actively trying to have a baby with their partner or have been diagnosed with low sperm count should be especially aware of their phone habits. Even moving the phone to the back pocket helps by increasing the distance between the testicles and the phone, though finding a new home for the phone above the belt is a better option. If you still want to rock the Bluetooth, place it on a desk or table rather than leaving it in your pocket or lap. Drop it in your shirt pocket or jacket if you are on the go. Additionally, reducing cell phone use in general will help limit exposure. That doesn't mean a guy has to cut himself off from all communication lest he become infertile; it just means he should be aware of where he is storing his phone, particularly during Bluetooth use—the more distance the better!

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