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e.p.t. Offers New Family Planning Solutions

The first company to offer home pregnancy tests has introduced a new suite of tests aimed at helping couples conceive, rather than just telling them whether they've been successful. The e.p.t. Family Planning Solutions Suite includes kits for tests that had previously been available only through a doctor: the Preconception Health Test Kit, the Complete Home Fertility Kit and the Ovulation Test Plus Kit.

The Preconception Health Test is significant because it allows a woman to easily assess her vaginal health prior to conceiving. It tests pH levels for elevated vaginal acidity, which can indicate infection. The test is crucial during preconception planning, according to the March of Dimes, because an untreated vaginal infection can lead to preterm birth.

Allison Hill, a Los Angeles OB-GYN, says: "Testing for vaginal infections is as important as taking folic acid during pregnancy. Since many vaginal infections are asymptomatic, women often don't even know that they need to be treated. And we know how busy women are. It's unlikely that they'll decide to make a doctor's appointment to test for an ailment they don't appear to be suffering from."

The test, which is as accurate as a doctor's test and is clinically proven to be effective, consists of a swab with an easy-to-hold grip and a color-changing tip. Administering the test requires just a quick swab; after 10-seconds, if any part of the tip turns blue or green, then abnormal vaginal acidity is present. Even a partial coloring on the swab indicates the need to visit a doctor for further testing and treatment. If the color tip remains unchanged, vaginal acidity is normal; however, if symptoms of an infection (i.e., abnormal discharge, itching, irritation or burning) are present, a yeast infection may be to blame, and medical attention should be sought immediately.

The Complete Home Fertility Kit revolutionizes fertility testing for couples by offering male and female tests together in a single kit. Each kit includes everything a couple needs to test their fertility—and to get the results—in the privacy of their own home. It alleviates the initial need for that daunting trip to a fertility specialist, and the staggering cost associated with it.

The test kit screens both the male and female fertility just as it would be done in a doctor's office, with clinically proven, accurate test results. The female test detects Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) on Day 3 of a woman's cycle to assess her egg quality and quantity. The male test measures sperm concentration at or above 20 million sperm/mL. Concentration below that level may indicate infertility.

The last product, the Ovulation Test Plus, contains both a complete ovulation test and a month's supply of folic acid, a key nutrient that helps prevent certain birth defects. The ovulation test measures levels of luteinizing hormone to accurately identify a woman's most fertile days. No other kit on the market offers both the ovulation kit and month's supply of folic acid.

All kits will be available in stores by late summer 2014.