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10 Creative & Healthy Snacks For Kids

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10 Creative & Healthy Snacks For Kids

These healthy snacks are arranged in a fun and creative ways so even the pickiest eater will enjoy snack time.

Apple and Grape Cars
Cut apples into 1/2-inch slices. Insert toothpicks horizontally into both ends of the apple slice. Slide grapes onto the toothpicks to make wheels. Who knew healthy snacks could be so much fun?

Kiwi and Banana Palm Tree
Use half of a banana as the trunk of the tree. Cut one kiwi into slightly curved slices, and place slices on top of the banana so they fan out like palm tree leaves.

String Cheese Octopus
Using kitchen scissors, cut the bottom of the string cheese in half, approximately halfway up the stick of cheese. Keep halving the string cheese pieces with scissors until there are eight tentacles. To make eyes, cut a raisin in half and stick it to the string cheese with peanut butter.

Red Pepper and Hummus Volcano
Place 2 tablespoons of hummus on a plate. Use a butter knife to spread the hummus into a triangular shape. Cut a red pepper into 1/4-inch slices, and place them at the top of the hummus to make it look like spewing lava.

Solar System Plate
Cut circular slices of banana, pear, kiwi, orange and cheese, and cut a long, thin rectangle of the cheese for Saturn's rings. Place the circles and a grape, blueberry, chickpea and one slice of pepperoni on a plate. Place them in the order of the planets and the sun: Sun (orange), Mercury (chickpea), Venus (banana), Earth (kiwi), Mars (grape), Jupiter (pepperoni), Saturn (cheese), Uranus (pear) and Neptune (blueberry). Place tiny dollops of plain Greek yogurt between the planets to make stars. Healthy snacks can be educational and delicious!

Strawberry Flower
Slice two strawberries into 1/4-inch slivers. Arrange the slices into the form of flower petals. Fill the middle with blueberries and use a stalk of celery for the stem and leaves.

Veggie and Pretzel Scooter
Cut four slices of cucumbers for wheels. Take a piece of string cheese and horizontally insert two toothpicks into each end. Slide the cucumber slices on the toothpicks for the wheels. Make a small hole in the top of the string cheese at one end and insert a pretzel stick into it. Use cream cheese to attach a second pretzel stick horizontally for the handlebars.

Teddy Bear Toast
Toast one piece of whole wheat bread. Spread peanut butter on the entire surface of the toast. Place two banana slices in the top corners of the toast as the ears and one slice in the middle for the snout. Place a blueberry on the snout for the nose, and finish it off with raisins for eyes. Healthy snacks can be yummy and cute!

Orange and Carrot Sun
Thinly cut one large orange into circular slices. Place one slice in the center of a plate. Arrange baby carrot sticks around it into triangular-shaped rays, and give it a happy face by placing two raisins on the orange as eyes.

Tomato and Mozzarella Caterpillar
Arrange grape tomatoes and mozzarella balls into a wiggly caterpillar body shape. Using a toothpick, dab two small dollops of hummus on the front tomato for the eyes and then stick two halves of one toothpick in the top of the tomato head for the antennae.