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10 Yummy Non-Sandwich Lunch Ideas

by admin

10 Yummy Non-Sandwich Lunch Ideas

Tired of packing the same boring sandwich for lunch? Here are some non-sandwich lunch ideas that are tasty and satisfying.

Mini Corn Dog Muffins

These bite-sized mini corn dog muffins will be a huge hit with your kids and a nice alternative to a boring peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Bunny Bento

In the case of this Japanese-inspired lunchbox, it’s okay to play with your food. Serve rice and meat with a few fun cutouts of carrot flowers and a speedy sweet potato bunny. If you have fun making this, mix up your creations with these “20 Easy Bento Lunch Boxes” ideas.

Gluten-Free Snack Box

Keep the lunches light with this gluten-free snack box. It’s similar to a Lunchable, but a healthier alternative, so you won’t feel guilty for also slipping in one of these “Kid-Friendly, Gluten-Free Dessert Recipes” in your kiddo’s sack. Need even more simple gluten-free lunch ideas? Try these.

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

Serve a fresh and nutritious lunch like this Mediterranean quinoa salad. Throw all the ingredients together in a bowl and top it with a lid. It’s that easy!

Pizza Buns

Turn a favorite food staple for kids into an easy lunch. These pizza buns are compact but full of flavor, and they’re part of a balanced diet when served with veggies, fruit, and a small treat.

Caprese Tortellini Lunch Box

If you’re looking for healthy lunch ideas these caprese skewers are a must-have. The basil tortellini combined with tomatoes and mozzarella are rich in flavor. Pair them with some crisp veggies and fruit for a complete meal.

BLT Salad Jar

Looking for lunch ideas that are easy and don’t take up much space? This BLT salad in a mason jar is the perfect lunch for your older ones who need something small and healthy.

Mini Waffle Lunchbox

What kid doesn’t love breakfast for lunch? Turn mini waffles into a faux sandwich by smothering them in cream cheese and fruit.

Leftovers for Lunch

Save time and pack the leftovers from this Crockpot lasagna soup into your compartment lunchbox. Add some fruit and nuts for a well-balanced meal.

Hummus Wraps

Put those tortillas to good use by making these tasty hummus wraps. Stuff them with some greens, and serve with a side of juicy fruits.