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11 Adorable Snacks!

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11 Adorable Snacks!
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These munchies are almost-almost!-too cute to eat. But we’re sure they’ll manage to disappear in no time.


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Buttered Up


A PB&J takes three steps, while this bite-size (no "J") version takes one: Gobble them up by the handful.

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Petal Pusher


With a citrusy, buttery flavor and fun flower shape, these cookies will make a toddler happier than a football-field-size sandbox with an entire dump truck of buckets and scoops.

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All Smiles


These whole-grain grins look sunnier than the characters on Glee, and kids love them! They're fortified with vitamins and minerals, so they pack a little nutritional punch, too.

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Sunny Delight


These California dreams are a cross between an orange and a Chinese mandarin. Because they're seedless and super easy to peel, they're a perfect fruit for little guys.

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Strawberry Fields


Freeze-dried berries and whole-grain cereal are a heartfelt ode to healthy snacking. But the sneaky fruit serving is what we adore the most.

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Wanna delight a preschooler? Try this mini-doughnut recipe: Dip a few Cheerios in chocolate syrup, then top with sprinkles; roll a few more in powdered sugar. Line up a baker's dozen and serve with milk. So. Darn. Fun.

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Archeology Dig


Just for fun, lead a mouth excavation: Kids nibble through a candy shell and solid milk chocolate till they hit on a dino.

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(Not So) Big Dogs


Go ahead and bake, boil, wrap, and dip these little turkey dogs. Your child will love 'em, and have no idea they have two thirds the fat of regular smoked sausages.

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My Belle


Take this low-calorie cheese round on the road with you. It'll stay prim in its smart wax case, and kiddos can play a game of Pac-Man once they've gobbled up the cheese inside.

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Club Penguin


Cut a section out of a jumbo olive; fill with cream cheese. Cut a triangle out of a carrot round; stick into a small olive for the "beak." Secure the olives and carrot feet with a toothpick!

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Soybean pods come in single-serve SpongeBob-themed packs. Popping the beans out of their shell and down the hatch makes for fun eating!