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6 Yummy Sandwiches

by admin

6 Yummy Sandwiches

Forget boring pb&j—kids (and moms) will gobble up these creative, healthy sandwiches

In this snack round-up: graham crackers and Ritz sub in for boring bread to make sandwiches a heck of a lot more fun.

Bag a Bagel
Layer toasted pint-size whole-wheat bagels with zesty hummus and crunchy sliced cukes. Three food groups in one snack! (Thomas' Mini Bagels, $3.99)

Try a variation with english muffins!

Crack Up!
Your kid will gobble these tote-able whole-wheat Ritz filled with cheddar as fast as we did. (Ritz Crackerfuls, $3.49)

Golden Grahams
If your kid thinks plain old graham crackers are boring, try funking them up with peanut butter and banana. (Honey Maid, $3.99)

Pita 'Wich
This sandwich round is a little bit white bread and a little bit whole-grain pita. We dig it with turkey and swiss. (Arnold Select Sandwich Thins, $2.99)