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7 Delish Snack Mixes

by admin

7 Delish Snack Mixes

Salty pretzels, cheesy crackers, protein-packed nuts, sweet raisins and more — all mixed up for some yummy snack packs

In this snack round-up: new twists on old favorites from Chex Mix and Munchies.

Hop To It

Your kid’s fave cheesy bunnies snuggle with salty pretzels and buttery crackers. They’re organic and low-fat, so let her keep on nibbling! (Annie’s Snack Mix Bunnies, $4.99)

Rye-ght On

This ensemble has lots of tasty tidbits, including garlicky rye chips and bread sticks, all generously seasoned. (Gardetto’s Original Recipe Snack Mix, $2.79)

Go Bananas

These nut-free snack pouches have yummy banana and chocolate chips, tossed with good-for-them granola and raisins. (Ian’s Jungle Mix2Go, $4.89 for six)

Three Potato, Four

Sweet potatoes, Huckleberry red potatoes, and blue potatoes make colorful chips that are slightly sweet. Even better, these crunchy munchies have only a fraction of the fat of regular chips. (Terra Potpourri Potato Chips, $4.19)

High Contrast

Whole-grain Chex cereal mingles with chocolate and crunchy pretzels. With peanuts and raisins, it’s a majorly snackable mash-up that’s got some nutritional oomph. (Chex Mix Select Sweet ‘n Salty Trail Mix, $2.99)

Bag of Tricks

If your kids are always begging for chips, here’s a guilt-free give-in: This potpourri has SunChips and pretzels, plus Cheetos and Doritos. Satisfies the chip craving while slipping in some healthier bites. (Munchies Cheese Fix, $2.89)

D.I.Y. Nosh

Got bottom-of-the-cereal-box crumbles, lonely raisins, leftover chocolate chips? Throw them into a washed-out jam jar or juice jug (eco-friendly!) and give it a shake to make your own trail mix.