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7 Kid Snacks From Around the World

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7 Kid Snacks From Around the World
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Even picky eaters will love these yummy foods inspired by Thai, German, Italian, Australian, Asian and Mexican cuisine


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German Gold


Pretzels dunked in mustard are a traditional German treat. If the brown kind's too spicy for your little liebchen, offer her honey-mustard instead. (Snyder's of Hanover Old Tyme Pretzels,)

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Buon Appetito


Go ahead, slather on this chocolate-hazelnut spread: It's got more than 50 antioxidant-packed hazelnuts per jar. (Ferrero Nutella,)

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East Meets West


Rice crackers are tossed with mildly spicy wasabi peas, sesame sticks and roasted almonds in this delicious Japanese snack. (Ka-Me Wasabi Peas Snack Mix)

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Down-Under Delight


The Australians know their cookies: Take two crunchy squares, fill with créme and caramel, coat with chocolate—heaven, mate! (Pepperidge Farms Tim Tams)

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Italian Buzz


Mellow out a wedge of salty parmigiano with a dollop of honey for a munchie that's molto bene.

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Niños will heart these high-fiber chips, which come in south-of-the-border-inspired flavors like Margarita Lime. (Corazonas in Baja Bean Dip)