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7 Yummy Dips Toddlers Will Love

by Editors

7 Yummy Dips Toddlers Will Love

Even little picky-eaters will scarf down healthy snacks when they’re dipped in these tasty spreads and sauces.


In this snack round-up: 7 tasty dips and things to dip in them — other than your toddlers’ fingers.


Green Dream

Mash a ripe avocado, squeeze on some fresh lime, and voila! — a snackable dip full of heart-healthy omega-3’s.



Mamma Mia!

The tomatoes in this zesty marinara come from the company’s farm. Kids will dig its fresh flavor — plus, they’ll get a good dose of lycopene, an antioxidant. (Sauces ‘n Love Marinara Sauce, $5.99)



Valley Girls (and Boys)

Ranch dressing will have your kids eating crudites. Try a single-serve snacker. (Hidden Valley Original Ranch Light Dressing Cups, $4.59 for six cups)



Say Cheese

Feel good about passing out these fun snack packs. They’re made with real cheese (no processed stuff here). Your kids will definitely taste — and love — the difference. (MooTown by Sargento, $1.99)

Fruit Looped

Transform ho-hum fruit into a special treat. This yogurt dip goes great with everything from bananas to berries. (Marzetti-Disney Strawberry Yogurt Fruit Dip, $3.74 for six cups)


Magic Beans

The star of this dip: white beans. With just a few simple ingredients (always a good sign!), it’s a winner with anything. (Cool Beans Lemon Roasted Garlic Dip, $4.99)


Butter Fingers

A protein-packed treat, made easier. These single-serving cups of peanut butter are perfect for fruit dipping on the fly. (Reduced Fat Jif to Go, $2.99 for six cups)