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8 Fruity Snacks Kids Love

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8 Fruity Snacks Kids Love

They see: cookies, gummies and chips. Yum! You see: fiber, vitamins and calcium. Score!

In this snack round-up: yummy (and healthy) yogurt bites that melt in your toddler’s mouth. Genius!

Berry Delicious

Tell your kids that these blueberry cookies (made with real fruit centers) are for them, then swipe one when they’re not looking. (Pepperidge Farm, $3.39)

In the Limelight

Want a healthy icy treat? These frozen bars have satisfying chunks of real fruit. (Edy’s Fruit Bars, $4.50)

Sweet Meltdowns

Yogurt Melts, a mixture of yogurt and fruit, are made especially for toddlers — and have all the live-culture benefits of regular yogurt. (Gerber Graduates in Mixed Berries, Strawberry, and Peach, $2.50)

Pie High

If your kid won’t eat Fig Newtons, try Newtons apple-cinnamon Fruit Crisps. They taste like
Mickey D’s apple pie — but are way more wholesome. (Nabisco, $3.50)

Hit the Sauce
Once your kids get a taste of this scrumptious organic strawberry-banana applesauce, they'll be begging you for seconds. (365 Everyday Value, $3 per four-pack)

Totally Twisted

Strands of strawberry and apple (fiber! vitamins!) are individually wrapped for quick consumption. (Gerber Graduates Fruit Twists, $2.50)

Peach Buzz

These freeze-dried white and yellow peaches have a great crunchy texture; a bag’s worth is the equivalent of eating an entire peach. (Brothers-All-Natural, $1)

Hop to It

A serving of these fruity gummy bunnies gives your preschoolers 100 percent of their vitamin C. Sweet! (Annie’s
Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks in Tropical Treat flavor, $5)


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