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The Best Meal Delivery Services for Tired Parents

by Bethany Braun-Silva

The Best Meal Delivery Services for Tired Parents
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These meal delivery services make dinnertime a breeze!


Planning and cooking meals for your entire family is practically a job in and of itself. Now with your entire crew home all day, everyday, we know that cooking has increased exponentially. It might seem like an impossible task to meet the demands of hungry kids who want to snack every minute of the day, but there are things that can help.


For one, it’s always good to have some non-perishable snacks at the ready to tackle hunger pangs in between meals. There are also meal delivery kits that can help crazed parents, not only meal plan, but make it easy for them to cook and serve delicious and nutritious meals to the entire family.


Also, these services make it so that you don’t have to run out to the grocery store to get the ingredients for your meals. The kits come right to your door with the ingredients and instructions all included. In fact, some of these services offer to deliver prepared meals, meaning one less thing to have to worry about during the day. There are many different meal subscription services that will cater to your family’s specific needs, whether you’re vegan or vegetarian, want to prep the food yourself, or have it come fully prepared, there’s a plan for you. 


Of course, we have delivery services like DoorDash and Postmates to fall back on, but there’s just something about a fresh meal that makes all the difference. We know you are looking for ways to make this time easier for everyone, and these 13 meal subscription services can help in a big way. Check them out below. 


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Home Chef


Home Chef offers completely customizable options down to each meal. Whether you want to double up protein or swap a side, you can design each meal you receive. The meals come to your door fresh, pre-portioned, and ready to cook. You are able to skip deliveries at any time and can choose from a number of meal types including slow cooker meals, salads, and meals that are ready in 15 minutes. Meals start at $6.99 each.

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Sun Basket


If you follow a specific diet like paleo, gluten-free, or vegetarian, you will find a lot of tasty options with this meal delivery service. The recipes are quick and contain many organic ingredients. You can pick from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Meals start at $10.99

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If trying out a meal delivery service is something you’ve been toying with, HelloFresh offers no-commitment plans that allow you to cancel any time. Included in each delivery are the nutrition facts (including allergens), farm-sourced ingredients, and pre-packaged kits that are easily stored in the refrigerator. All the recipes are easily found on the website or app. Meals start at $7.49.

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Martha & Marley Spoon


Leave it to Marth Stewart to make the most delicious and well-thought meal delivery service. These meals have a home-cooked feel and each week there are 22 different options to choose from. The recipes each contain six easy-to-follow steps and you might even feel like you could start your own at-home cooking show afterwards. Meals start at $7.49.

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Purple Carrot


Purple Carrot specializes in plant-based meals and you can choose from a two or four-service meal plan each week. Recipes include tofu tacos and cauliflower steaks, and each box comes with the meal’s nutrition information and step-by-step directions. You can also customize by adding more protein, choosing gluten-free options, and/or picking meals that are quick and easy to make. Meals start at $9.99.

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Snap Kitchen


Building your plan with Snap Kitchen is fairly easy and you can choose to have meals delivered on just a few days, rather than a full week. Menus are chosen based on your location for locally sourced, healthy ingredients. One of the unique aspects of this service is that you can have drinks and pantry items delivered, too. Meals start at $3.99.

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This is definitely one of the more affordable meal delivery services out there and all its recipes are online, which makes it easy to look up your meals any time. The family box includes four meals for up to five nights a week. The menu includes lots of kids’ favorites like Philly cheese steak burgers, tacos, and even a chocolate peanut butter-cup smoothie! Meals start at $4.49.

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Yumble Kids


This service is specifically for kids, which may be all the help you need right now. The meals come ready-to-eat and packaged in a way that kids will love. Meals include classic chicken nuggets, hand-rolled ham pinwheels, and classic cheese ravioli among others that are ready after being microwaved for 90 seconds. The meals are delivered for free in a sustainable box that also includes several fun activities for kids. Meals start at $5.99.

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Gobble provides meals that are ready in 15 minutes. It handles all the prep work and meals include delicious options that are categorized by either being quick and easy, kid-friendly, or seasonal favorites among others. It also has a Lean & Clean dinner plan for low-carb, healthy options. Meals start at $11.99.

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Blue Apron


These chef-created meals include a variety of options that look like they came straight from a five-star restaurant. You can choose from two-serving, four-serving, or vegetarian plans that are each customizable. Many of the meals are health-conscious, diabetes-friendly, and even WW-approved, so no worries about staying on track with your diet. The menu changes each week so you won’t get bored. Meals start at $8.99.

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This service provides fully cooked meals right to your door. All you have to do is heat them up and enjoy. You can choose from a number of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options that are all gluten and peanut-free. Meals start at $50 for 4/week.

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Daily Harvest


For parents who need nutritious meals in a pinch, these cups are an excellent choice. Daily HArvest provides sweet and savory options that are filling and healthy. You can also choose from several smoothie and breakfast options, as well as treats like ice cream. All the cups come frozen and you will need a blender. Cups start at $6.

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Fresh Direct


Fresh Direct makes it easy to shop for prepared meal kits while you shop for groceries and essentials for your family. The best part is that many of the meal kits can be prepared in 20 minutes, which is perfect for your angry brood! The kits start at $10.