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7 Bite-Size Snacks

by admin

7 Bite-Size Snacks

Finger food that is easy to serve up and sure to please

Bite-Size Fun!

Tiny hands will love picking up these fun-shaped snacks (and tiny tummies will love them, too!)

A Healthy Buzz

Give them their own salty-sweet kiddie trail mix filled with yummy bears, bees, and pretzels. (Teddy Grahams Trail Mix Bears & Bees, $3)

Wild Horses

Once he gets a taste of this organic take on the classic animal cracker, nothing will drag him away. (Stauffer’s, $3)

Puffed Out

We don’t blame you for stealing your kid’s fruit puffs — they’re just too good to grow out of. (Gerber Graduates Fruit Puffs, $2)

Under da Sea

This new mozzarella-flavored fishy is swimming against the tide — and these cheddar whales are making the waves! (Pepperidge Farm Flavor Blasted Monstrous Mozzarella Stick Goldfish, $2, and Stauffer’s Whales, $2.50)

Suck It Up

Make milk more appetizing — let them sip through a bright cereal straw that they can crunch on afterward. (Kellogg’s Apple Jacks Cereal Straws, $3.50)

Sun Salutation

Three kinds of all-natural cheese (cheddar, colby, and monterey jack) come in the shape of cheery suns. (Sargento SunBursts Snacks, $3)

Just Roll With It

We know, they look way too fun to be healthy, but these strips have real fruit and yogurt, not to mention a day’s supply of vitamin C. (Kellogg’s Yogos Rollers, $2)