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8 Creative Chicken Finger Recipes

by admin

8 Creative Chicken Finger Recipes

Let us guess: Your kid loves chicken fingers! Here, new ways to serve them without anyone getting bored (least of all you).


The Salted-Caramel Pretzel
Coating: Crushed pretzels and panko crumbs
Dip: Salted-caramel sauce

Georgia Peach
Coating: Chopped pecans
Dip: Peach jam

Asian Adventure
Coating: Coarsely crushed peanuts and panko crumbs
Dip: Fave store-bought peanut sauce

Ballpark Blitz
Coating: Potato chips
Dip: “Fry sauce”—ketchup and mayo

Tropical Twist
Coating: Crushed plantain chips
Dip: Ketchup, mayo and crushed garlic

Fiesta Crunch
Coating: Crushed tortilla chips
Dip: Salsa

Aloha Coconut
Coating: Shredded coconut
Dip: Pineapple salsa or orange marmalade

Coating: Bread crumbs, chopped cooked bacon and cheddar cheese
Dip: Blue cheese dressing

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