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Dinner Tonight, Lunch Tomorrow: Meatball Recipes

by Holly V. Kapherr

Dinner Tonight, Lunch Tomorrow: Meatball Recipes

These two meatball recipes showcase this convenient meat morsel. Have them for dinner and then chop up and toss into a pita pocket for lunch.

Meatballs: They're not just for "on top of spaghetti" anymore.

We're still celebrating National Frozen Foods Month here at, and these two recipes for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow showcase many kids' favorite little meat morsel: the meatball. Frozen meatballs are an easy way to incorporate protein into your child's diet, and many brands feature a turkey meatball version that's lower in fat than beef or pork combinations.

The Sweet & Sour Meatball recipe is ready in just 7 minutes — let me say that again — 7 MINUTES — and is packed with flavor and is a completely balanced meal with protein, vegetables and rice. Opt for jasmine rice, since it's the lowest on the glycemic index of any other rice, which means your kiddos won't be bouncing off the walls or in a "carb coma" after dinner.

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Leftover meatballs fit perfectly into a whole wheat pita pocket for lunch the next day, topped with lettuce (or baby spinach), tomatoes, a tangy yogurt sauce, and cucumbers (or whatever else your kids love for lunch). Chopped meatballs with just the yogurt sauce for dipping are a yummy toddler snack, too, just make sure the pieces are smaller than a quarter for babies just starting solids up to 1 year old.

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