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Dinner Tonight, Lunch Tomorrow: Southwest Recipes

by Holly V. Kapherr

Dinner Tonight, Lunch Tomorrow: Southwest Recipes

Chilly weather calls for something heart-warming, like these two south-of-the-border-style options: a classic tortilla soup recipe and a one-dish casserole.

It's still chilly out (in some places, it's downright cold and snowy), which is perfect weather for these savory Southwest-style flavors like tomatoes, cilantro, avocado and chicken. If your family loves taco night, these recipes will fit the bill while warming their bodies and filling their tummies with healthy, balanced deliciousness.

The Cowboy Chicken Bake is super easy to put together and only requires one dish (read: minimal clean up, Mom!). We love the idea of baking the chili-like filling underneath a crown of cornbread, kind of like a south-of-the-border pot pie. Yum. (Insider secret: Add a can of drained whole corn kernels to the cornbread batter to make it a little more special.)

Click here to see the full Cowboy Chicken Bake recipe.

Soup's on! The Chicken Tortilla soup recipe uses many of the same ingredients as the Cowboy Chicken Bake, but instead turns it into a zesty, flavorful soup. Top with sour cream, cheese, olives, cilantro, diced avocado and tortilla chips (or any other of your family's fave taco toppings) for a "loaded" version that rocks.

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