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Easter Peeps Recipes, Crafts and Products

by Lauren Passell

Easter Peeps Recipes, Crafts and Products

We heart Peeps! The best marshmallow Peeps recipes, crafts and products—perfect for Easter fun.

Can't stomach raw fish? You can still enjoy sushi…Peeps sushi, that is! Colorful, marshmallow-y chicks are so much cuter than sashimi. Check out the peepshi recipe on Serious Eats—and hold the wasabi!

We love these tote-able, super fun Peeps on a stick, and think they make a perfect DIY treat for the Easter basket. Try rolling in colorful sprinkles, nuts, dried fruit or crushed candy.

Peep Nests Treats
For a stunning dessert, follow this recipe for Peeps in coconut nests. They're pretty enough to be in an art gallery, but yummy enough to be in your tummy. 

Did You Know?
In 1953, it took 27 hours to create the first Peep. Today it takes six. And each year, manufacturer Just Born produces enough Peeps to circle the earth twice.  

Peep Fluffernutter Sandwiches
No. They. Didn't. Bloggers at CakeSpy remixed the classic Fluffernutter sandwich (you know, peanut butter and marshmallow crème), substituting Peeps for Fluff, and slices of pound cake for bread, making this the best combo since PB&J.

Did You Know?
In the late 1950s, Peeps wings were "clipped" to give them a sleek, modern look. 

Make Your Own Peeps
For the DIY-er, there's a pretty simple recipe for Peeps from Serious Eats. They definitely lack that iconic fluorescent look we're all used to seeing, but you can brag you made them from scratch. The best part? You can use the batter to make your own brand-new Peep creatures. Easter bunnies, Easter cowboys, Easter aliens, whatever!

Peeps Centerpiece
For a uniquely spring-y centerpiece, steal this ideas from the book Peeps: Recipes and Crafts to Make with Your Favorite Marshmallow Treat and make your own table decor with a square glass and some Peeps. Mix and match Peep colors, or opt for a monochromatic look. 

Peeps Bunny Dips
Another easy way to make Peeps even better? Dip them in chocolate! Bonus points for rolling them in tasty toppings like sprinkles and crushed cookies. 

Peep Shadow Box
We love the elaborate Peeps dioramas around the web, but here’s a simple version kids can do. Reminiscent of a Mexican Day of the Dead shadowbox, this sparkly diorama from The Crafty Chica is simple to make, but looks amazing. It's an Easter fiesta, ole!

Peeps Pool Party Cake
An edible twist on the Peeps diorama concept, we totally want to get invited to this Peeps pool party!

Deep-Fried Peeps
If you're looking for a way to make Peeps even yummier, the answer is what you always do to improve upon a classic food: fry it! Rolled in graham crackers (and optional coconut flakes), then deep-fried in oil, these new-and-improved Peeps are rich enough that even Paula Deen would approve. Messy? Yes. Delicious? Yes to that, too. See the step-by-step recipe on Serious Eats, plus an alternative way to fry the fluff using apple-fritter batter. 

Peeps Topiary
Having an Easter party egg hunt? This Peeps “topiary” is a clever centerpiece kids can even help make. 

Easter Basket Cake
Thanks to an easy trick (use the tines of a fork to work the weave-like texture), this cake looks just like an Easter basket. 

Peep Soaps
These Peep look-alikes from Etsy seller Country Club Soaps look good enough to eat, but resist the urge! These powder room soaps make great little gifts and are the perfect way to get kids to wash up. 

Peeps Place Card
Personalize the table at your Easter dinner with these cute Store & Style place cards, which you can eat after you find your seat!

Peep Necklace Pendant
This sparkly, pastel Peep pendant is quite the conversation piece. What kid wouldn’t love to get this necklace from Etsy seller Wonderfullmoments6 in their Easter basket?

Chocolate Mousse Cups
Chocoholics big and small will die for this decadent mousse parfait. It's even more fun to dig into pudding when there are Peeps on top!

Peep Hair Clip
You know what will look perfect with your daughter's ruffly, so-cute-you-want-to-die Easter dress? This Peep hair clip from Etsy crafter Just Becaues Boutique.

Peep Hat
This hand-crocheted hat is perfect for the budding baby Peeps fan, but it can made by Etsy seller FunHatsAndMore in adult sizes too!  

Peeps Peach Fizz
How about a Peeps mocktail? This kid-friendly blended drink is garnished with a Peep atop whipped cream.

Peep-Krispie Treats
Need an easy treat to bring into school or for a party? Whip up these impressive little Peep-Krispie Treats. Just like Rice Krispie Treats, but even better. 

Everything's good on pizza, right? Even Peeps? According to blogger Adam Kuban, thanks to the classic salty/sweet combo, it's tastier than you think. 

Sunflower Peep Cake
Is it a Peep roundtable? No, it's a sunflower Peep cake! The perfect treat for spring, this cake is easy to whip up and will look pretty on your Easter dinner spread.

Fluffy peeps, chocolate and graham crackers, melted to ooey gooey perfection, courtesy of this twist on S’mores from CakeSpy.

Did You Know?
Each Peep Chick has 28 calories, and Bunnies have 32.5 calories. Both are fat free! (No veggie servings, unfortunately.) 

Peep Cupcakes
Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Add Peeps on top, and we’re talking cute overload. Leave one (or three) out for the Easter Bunny.