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Easy, Kid-Friendly Casserole Recipes

by admin

Easy, Kid-Friendly Casserole Recipes

These yummy casserole recipes are an easy way to turn leftovers around while saving money and the dishes

Make-Ahead Pizza Casserole
Prepare this Italian-inspired dish in the morning and have a stress-free dinner at night.

Quickie Quiche
Kids can help by sprinkling the cheese over the pie shell.

Spinach and Cheese Casserole
Heat and eat this make-ahead meal on a busy night.

Chicken-Spinach Pie with Mashed-Potato Crust
The mashed potatoes turn this dish into a cozy comfort food.

Chicken Cowboy Bake
Let your kids spread the batter on top.

Crunchy Mac and Cheese Casserole
A cheesy kid favorite masks the healthy stuff inside.

Stove-Top Turkey Casserole
This no-bake casserole is a great way to use leftovers

Chicken Pot Pie
A refrigerated pie crust means less time in the kitchen.