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7 Fun Recipes for Kids

by Shannon Peyette Seip, Kelly Parthen, Carisa Dixon

7 Fun Recipes for Kids

Who says you can’t play with your food? Try these creative, fun recipes for kids from Bean Appetit


Check out these fun recipes for kids that even picky eaters will love to eat!


Pear Penguins

Too cool! A chocolate covered pear makes a frosty, sweet snack.


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Tomato Mammas

Make a quick, nutritious treatand have fun styling her hairstyle with pasta.


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Tricky Tacos

Think this is an ordinary taco? Think again! Find out how to magically turn cookies into taco shells with sweet yummy filling.


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Stick Stacks

Dip these stick stacks into maple syrup and eat one layer at a time.


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Starry Night Bites

With great artistic flair, spread rice on your plate and use a cookie cutter to cut star and moon shapes out of cheese slices. Picture perfect!


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Bug Bite Sandwiches

Use pita, cream cheese, turkey and fruit to make a dragonfly sandwich that’s ready to whoosh off your plate and fly away.


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Multi Decker Dessert

1. Make eight 6-inch pancakes using the same method as the Stick Stacks recipe.

2.The first family member places 1 pancake on a plate, then adds a layer of his favorite topping, such as Nutella, strawberry jam or peanut butter.

3. He passes the plate to the next family member, who tops that with another pancake and her favorite topping.

4. Repeat until all the pancakes are used and your cake is stacked high. Cut the cake into slices and serve.


Become a star chef with the Bean Appetit chef challenge!

Each chapter of Bean Appetit contains a different challengefrom cracking an egg to chomping with chopsticks. When you complete each challenge, cut out the matching square in the back of the book and attach it to your Bean Appetit diploma, which you can download at!


Next time they’re eating pizza, pick their brains by asking about their favorite pizza toppings, and learning about pizza toppings around the world.



Stumped for dinner conversation? The book is full of ways to get your kids to open their mouths—for talking and eating—with fun Table Talk ideas, like “If you could invite an ocean creature for lunch, would you rather invite an octopus or a dolphin?” and “What’s your favorite pizza topping?”


Authors Shannon Payette Seip and Kelly Parthen are the cofounders of Bean Sprouts, a cafe and cooking school with a mission to spark children’s appetites with good-for-you food.


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