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Grilled Ham and Cheese With Salsa Mayo

by Patricia Carolan

Grilled Ham and Cheese With Salsa Mayo

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 10 minutes
Serves: 4 servings

Nonstick cooking spray
1 medium red bell pepper, seeded and cut in strips
2 Tbs salsa
2 Tbs low-fat mayonnaise
8 slices rye bread
8 slices Virginia baked ham or your favorite deli ham (about
1/2 lb)
4 slices muenster (or other semi-soft, mild) cheese
2 Tbs butter
2 Tbs olive oil

Mix the salsa mayo and spread on bread; layer with ham, cheese, and peppers. Older kids can brush sandwiches with the butter-and-oil mixture.

1. In a medium skillet coated with cooking spray, sauté the red pepper strips over medium heat for about 5 minutes, or until they’re soft and beginning to char.

2. Meanwhile, combine the salsa and mayonnaise in a small bowl; spread equally on 4 slices of bread. Top each with 2 slices of ham, 1/4 of the cooked peppers, and 1 slice of cheese. Cover with remaining bread slices.

3. In a small saucepan over low heat, melt the butter and olive oil together. Brush both sides of the sandwiches with the butter-and-oil mixture. Cook in a large skillet for about 10 minutes. Flatten sandwiches with a spatula throughout; flip halfway through cooking. Sandwiches should be browned on both sides, the cheese melted through.

PER SERVING (1 sandwich): 498 calories, 28 g fat (12 g saturated), 1483 mg sodium, 76 mg cholesterol. A great source of vitamin C.