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Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

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Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Fuel up for a big day with these healthy, yummy breakfast snacks, perfect for a mid-morning energy boost

In this snack round-up: Healthy breakfast snacks—no stovetop needed!

Are you usually in a hurry to get the kids fed and off to school? Check out our on-the-go breakfast options.

Under Wraps
How yummy could a tofu-based frozen burrito actually be? So scrumptious that even we've confirmed carnivores were squabbling over the leftovers. Seriously. (Amy's Breakfast Scramble Wrap, $5)

Faster French
Remember that old cafeteria favorite, Breakfast for Lunch? Sneak down to your freezer, pop these into the toaster and re-create it. Why should the kids have all the fun? (Van's French Toast Sticks, $3.29)

With 401(k)s and 529s ailing, the last thing you want to do is more math. This yogurt keeps it simple: Strawberry, vanilla or cheesecake, it's just 100 calories. (YoCrunch, $3.50 for four)

Be Fruit-Full
You could've had a V8 and not even known it. Tangerine, goji and other juices make this light and sweet, not thick and savory. (V8 V-Fusion, $4 for 46 oz)

It's No Yolk
Egg whites are a wonder food—they're high-protein, low-fat muscle builders. Stir these whites into smoothies or shakes, or just heat and eat: The lid pops up as the eggs fluff in the micro. (Eggology On-the-Go, $3 for two)

Cereal Chameleon
It's time this British favorite caught on here: The cakes of crisp flakes can be spread with jam (toast-y!), mixed with fruit (granola-y!), or floated in milk (cereal-y!). (Weetabix, $5)

Somethin' Pumpkin
It's spicy, like your dad's cider; sweet, like its namesake dessert; and crunchy, like your cousin who moved to Berkeley. It's a little nutty, too, but we're not judging. (Kashi Pumpkin Pie TLC Fruit & Grain Bars, $3.89 for six)

Wanna delight a preschooler? Try this mini-doughnut recipe: Dip a few Cheerios in chocolate syrup, then top with sprinkles; roll a few more in powdered sugar. Line up a baker's dozen and serve with milk. So. Darn. Fun.

Granola Bites
Your steaming bowl of oatmeal is transformed into poppable nuggets, with all the same healthy benefits of whole grains and fiber. (Quaker Granola Bites, $3.19 for six)

Boing Boing
Add this fruit puree to yogurt—or let your toddler squeeze it right into his mouth. Fakey "fruit snacks" can't even compare! (Peter Rabbit Organics Mango, Banana and Orange Fruit Snack; $1.79)

Rice, Rice Baby
We're loving these crispy treats because they're made with brown rice and sweetened with chocolate milk. (EnviroKidz Crispy Rice Bar; $3.59 for six)

A Little Nutty
This fruit-and-nut bar has added omega-3's, fatty acids that may help bolster the brain's ability to learn and form new memories. (KIND Plus in Almond & Cashew, $1.99)

Super Strips
These tangy fruit leathers, made with natural fruit juices and purees, won't get little hands too sticky. (Archer Farms in Pomegranate, $2.99 for ten)

Fair and Square
We dig that these wheat-free cereal bars are healthy and portable. (Revolution Foods Jammy Sammy in Blueberries & Oatmeal, $3.99)

Main Squeeze
You'll find only berries, bananas and apples in this neatly packaged smoothie. In the words of a 3-year-old kid tester, "You eat it and you dwink it!" (Ella's Kitchen The Red One, $1.39)

Smooth Move
Pop quiz: What do seven strawberries, ten grapes, half a banana and a third of an apple equal? Answer: One of these smartly designed—and tasty—smoothies. (mySmoothie in Strawberry; $2.99)

Hit the Sauce
Once your kids get a taste of this scrumptious organic strawberry-banana applesauce, they'll be begging you for seconds. (365 Everyday Value, $3 per four-pack)