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How to Make a Bear Bento Lunch Box

by AnnaTheRed

How to Make a Bear Bento Lunch Box

Here’s how to make an easy bear bento lunch box using a meat patty, cheese and tomatoes

The bear bento is a great way to use up leftover meatballs, meatloaf or hamburgers.

Antichoking warning: Remember to remove toothpicks and cut up blueberries, grapes, carrots and other food for children under 4. See our Antichoking guide for more information.

Serving the bento on lettuce leaves adds another veggie to the meal. You can use any of your kid's favorite leafy green: washed baby leaf spinach is a good size for little mouths.

This is served with a mini baked omelette and mashed potatoes, but you can use any leftover side: pasta, veggies, potato salad, mac & cheese or hard-boiled egg could work, too.

Spearing alternate colors of grape halves makes it fun, but you can make mini-kabobs with any combination of fruit your kid likes.

You can use small cookie cutters to make decorative shapes out of the cheese sandwiched between the tomatoes; let your kids pick their favorite shape, and help cut if they're old enough.