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How to Make a Bento Box Jelly Flower

by AnnaTheRed

How to Make a Bento Box Jelly Flower

Here’s a step-by-step photo guide to making a jelly flower to be used in our 20 easy bento box lunch ideas.

Use this technique for the flower bento lunch box.

1. Start with a piece of soft sandwich bread.

2. Cut off the crusts of the bread. Try out this snack recipe for those extra bread crusts.

3. Cut bread into two pieces.

4. Gently push down the back of a knife on the middle of the bread to make a crease. (You don’t want to cut it through, so if the back of your knife is thin, put plastic wrap over the bread before making a crease.)

5. Spread the jam on the bread.

6. Gently fold each piece with index fingers and thumbs.

7. Push the edges in with your index fingers to make a petal shape.

8. Use plastic wrap to ensure that the flower petal is sealed together.

9. Place the jelly flower petals together to make a flower.