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How to Make a Bird’s Nest Bento Lunch Box

by AnnaTheRed

How to Make a Bird’s Nest Bento Lunch Box

Here’s how to make an easy bird’s nest bento lunch box using a pasta, chicken nuggets and mozzarella cheese balls

Pasta dinner last night, bird's nest for next day's lunch! Pile a pasta serving into a cupcake mold to give the baby birds a yummy nest.

Antichoking warning: Remember to remove toothpicks and cut up blueberries, grapes, carrots and other food for children under 4. See our Antichoking guide for more information.

Mix colorful berries—or any fruit—for a healthy dessert.

The adorable baby birds are actually mini mozzarella balls. Push a small "V" shaped carrot shape in for the mouth and add black sesame seeds for eyes.

Make transportation easy by ditching the dip cup for the chicken nuggets (shown left). Slice open the nuggets crosswise and open like a book. Spread in your kid's favorite dip (ketchup is used here)—sandwich back together for no fuss.

Tuck in green beans, tomatoes stuffed with corn and peas and carrot flowers (here's a photo guide on how to make them) for extra veggie servings. Swap in any veggie your kid loves.