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How to Make a Cake Bento Lunch Box

by AnnaTheRed

How to Make a Cake Bento Lunch Box

Here’s how to make an easy cake bento lunch box using a sandwich, meatballs and mashed potatoes

Your kid may think he's getting real cake for lunch, but these "slices" and "cupcakes" are actually healthy, lunch-appropriate foods.

Antichoking warning: Remember to remove toothpicks and cut up blueberries, grapes, carrots and other food for children under 4. See our Antichoking guide for more information.

You can use cute cucumber, carrot and cheese garnishes on the cake "slices" for added flair—use a cookie cutter to make cheese flowers, and see our photo guide to making carrot flowers. You can also give your kid a few veggie "sprinkles" and let her decorate her own cake sandwiches.

This is a great way to use up meatball dinner leftovers. "Frost" meatballs with mashed potatoes, and use colorful veggies for confetti-like "sprinkles".

For the sandwich, make your kid's fave as a triple-decker and cut into triangles. Use the leftover crusts to make rusks.

A fruit cup and a few mini cookies round out the meal, but you can use whatever sides your kid likes instead.

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