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How to Make a Panda Bento Lunch Box

by AnnaTheRed

How to Make a Panda Bento Lunch Box

Here’s how to make an easy panda bento lunch box using a sandwich, egg flower and apple slices

With a small cookie cutter and some bits of crust, you can turn a standard-issue PB&J or ham and cheese into a panda bear. To make the face, cut a sandwich (with your kid's favorite filling) into a circle. Here's a photo guide on how to seal a sandwich. Cut 2 ovals and 2 small circles out of a separate slice of bread for the eyes and ears. Use small bits of crust for the nose and eyes, and a small carrot curl for the mouth.

Take the leftover crusts and turn them into a yummy snack.

Antichoking warning: Remember to remove toothpicks and cut up blueberries, grapes, carrots and other food for children under 4. See our Antichoking guide for more information.

Carrot flowers add a decorative touch, too. See our photo guide on how to make them. Stacked edamame on a toothpick is a fun way to eat it, but you can swap those out for any other veggie your kid will eat.

For a side, wrap roasted or cooked asparagus with bacon, ham or cheese (bacon is shown here). You can also use green beans.

Serve with an egg flower for a beautiful side. Here's a photo guide on how to make one (you can use this for ham and turkey, too).

A fruit dessert rounds out the bento. For the bunny apples, slice an apple and peel a thick strip on each slice halfway back. Then cut a "V" shape to make bunny apple ears.