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How to Make a Piggy Bento Lunch Box

by AnnaTheRed

How to Make a Piggy Bento Lunch Box

Here’s how to make an easy piggy bento lunch box using ham, an egg flower and tomatoes

This little piggy is made from (what else?) ham. Wrap a piece of ham around some mashed potatoes to give the piggy its round shape. You can also tuck in pasta or a rice ball in place of the mashed potatoes.

Antichoking warning: Remember to remove toothpicks and cut up blueberries, grapes, carrots and other food for children under 4. See our Antichoking guide for more information.

Tuck in veggies throughout the bento for a healthy and decorative option. Fill halved grape or cherry tomatoes with leftover mixed veggies and tuck in string beans, broccoli or carrot flowers (here's a photo guide to making carrot flowers).

Cut out small pieces from a separate piece of ham for ears, nose, feet and a curly-Q tail.

An egg flower gives the bento an extra-arty look. See our step-by-step photo guide on how to make it.

Mix berries and skewer grape halves on toothpicks for a healthy side. You can make mini-fruit kabobs out of any of your kid's favorite fruits.