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9 Ice-Cream Treats for Kids

by admin

9 Ice-Cream Treats for Kids

Keep these fun, frosty ice-cream treats in your freezer this summer

Our favorite freezer-section treats will draw a crowd anytime, guaranteed.

Starred Selection

These funky-shaped novelty pops are Dora-approved and made with raspberry, orange, and watermelon juices, providing 100 percent of the day’s vitamin C, to boot(s). Popsicle Dora the Explorer Slow Melt Pops; $3.99

Shrinky Dink

It’s a classic cone, scaled to kid-size. The latest flavor, gooey S’mores, is another nostalgic nosh of summertime done right. Nestle Lil’ Drums S’mores; $5.99

Hold the Milk

Watch a kid’s eyes bug out at this treat: two oversize Oreos filled with classic Carvel soft-serve, chocolate or vanilla. Heaven-made! Carvel Oreo Lil’ Rounders; $11.99 for 18

Get Dibs on ‘Em

Under a crunchy candy-bar shell there’s vanilla goodness. It’s the least messy ice cream experience you can hope for. Nestle Crunch Dibs; $4.99

Nutty Buddy

For kids with a dairy sensitivity or allergy, these creamy almond-milk sammies will hit the spot. So go nuts! Almond Dream Lil’ Dreamers; $3.99

Nice Schtick

Jolly Rancher candy flavors, like green apple and cherry, are convincingly resurrected in these puckery pops. Believe it or not, the first ingredient is simply pear juice. Popsicle Jolly Rancher; $3.99

Let’s Split

Italian ice is as delish as its ice cream cousin, but without the fat. This ingenious version comes on a stick in fun flavor combos. Philly Swirl Swirl Stix in Banana Split; $2.99

Cup Runneth Over

You may want to thank the heavens. Why? Because this special-edition flavor only comes in a smaller size. Dreyer’s Fun Flavors Peanut Butter Cup; $1.25


Fans of the yogurt will be all about this rich frozen treat. Kids’ll love chowing down on the fresh new berry flavor — and it’s still low-fat and full of belly-friendly probiotics. Stonyfield Strawberry-licious Frozen Yogurt; $3.99