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Instant Pot Just Released Three New Colors on Amazon—And One Color Is Currently On Sale

by Collier Sutter

Instant Pot Just Released Three New Colors on Amazon—And One Color Is Currently On Sale

Instant Pot, the magical multifunctional kitchen gadget, just got a colorful update. If you haven’t gotten on the Instant Pot bandwagon yet, now’s the time. The original Instant Pot looks great in its classic black shade, but it’s gotten a very colorful upgrade. Instant Pot just rolled out three new shades on Amazon for the first time ever, so you can master speedy cooking in style.



The three new vibrant colors that rolled out are white, red and teal. Fans of the gadgets are already running to snag it. The red—which is more of a deep salmon—is currently Amazon’s number one best-selling new release in the Kitchen and Dining category. The teal is also on sale for 30% off right now, so the usually $100 appliance is only $70, so consider this your chance to join the party. 



For those who aren’t already familiar with Instant Pots, many fans of the gadget lean on it for efficient and lower-effort cooking. It allows you to throw all your ingredients into one pot and hit “start,” which feels magical when you’re head is spinning with your kiddos’ schedules. It’s an ultra-quick way to get dinner on the table—even if the day got away from you, and you haven’t had a moment to prep. Forgot to leave the chicken out to defrost on the counter? Don’t sweat it— you can safely cook frozen meats in the Instant Pot, so food is ready before the kids get home from soccer practice. If your kids are home and running a little bit too much to the hot flames on your stovetop, the Instant Pot is a great alternative because it requires minimal attention, so you can worry a little less about cooking around little ones. After dinner, expect fewer pots and pans in the sink, too. With the exception of the cooker base, your stainless steel inner pot, lid and sealing ring, can go right into the dishwasher. 



It’s also much easier to promote healthier eating for your family with the gadget too. Skip the fries and go for something nutritious on the side of your meals. With the rice maker function, you can whip a quick vat of brown rice or quinoa—or even easily steam up veggies.