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Move Over, Easter Eggs; Hello, Cute Bunny-Shaped Foods!

by Editors

Move Over, Easter Eggs; Hello, Cute Bunny-Shaped Foods!

We hunted all over Pinterest and found some of the most adorable Easter bunny-shaped foods. Some of them are almost too cute to eat, but we’ll manage.


Coconut Easter Bunny Cake


Jenny Steffens of Everyday Occasions makes her grandma’s adorable bunny cake look gorgeous and easy. She follows her grandma’s tradition of placing the cake in a basket with fake green Easter grass and surrounding it with cupcakes topped with jelly beans. If you can allow yourself to dig into such a colorful masterpiece, you’ll emerge with a pleasant sugar coma.


Easy Bunny Pops


On All Recipes, they created these simple bunny pops by gently inserting a wooden stick into the bottom of each marshmallow bunny ( i.e. Peeps bunny), covered them in melted chocolate chips, added sprinkles and laid them on baking dishes. They’re so easy to make that your little bunnies can assist!


Easter Bunny Rolls


These bunny bread rolls are simple and sweet. With just a few basic ingredients, you’ll be able to impress your friends and family with these tasty treats. Serve them as a sidedish with Easter dinner or serve them at a “Kids’ Tea Party,” similar to what they did on Kanela y Limon.


Bunny Pancakes


These festive pink bunny pancakes, complete with bunny ears, are perfect for spring, and according to Jenni Price, who created this tutorial, they’re super fun for kids. Don’t forget to use condiment squirt bottles to impress your kids with your awesome bunny making skills. If you think your kids love pancakes already, just wait to you see how they react to bunny pancakes at Easter brunch.


Bunny Pretzels


Miss CandiQuick, who created these tasty treats, says these bunnies scream spring and remind us warm weather is around the corner. That’s enough for us to try this recipe! She used mini marshmallows for the ears by cutting the marshmallows in half diagonally and pressing the sticky sides into pink decors. Then she dips the pretzel rod in almond bark and attaches the ears and nose. No one will believe you when you say how simple and easy they were to make.


Bunny Pops


Who knew making your kids happy could be so easy? According to, all you need to do is make basic Rice Krispies® treats by using the recipe on the box. Then, all you need is popsicle sticks, melted white and semi-sweet chocolate, and a little creativity to make these spring treats.


Cinnamon Bunny Bread


According to Flavorite, these bunny-shaped rolls are made with a rich yeast dough. To make them fun and hands on, enlist family members to help roll the dough into bunny shapes and decorate them together before serving them for your Easter dinner.


Bunny Mocktails


These carrot juice bunny mocktails found over at TaterTots & Jello will add a festive touch to your Easter dinner or liven up an after school snack. You can even have the kids make them for themselves. Bonus: these bunny mocktails are full of 100 percent juice and fruit, and they’re gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free.


Bunny Bread


With his teethy grin and tender golden crust, this charismatic bunny is sure to make your dinner guests happy. Taste of Home displays this beautiful, delicious bread surrounded by fresh veggies and with a belly full of dip just begging to be tasted.


No-Bake Coconut Butter Bunnies


Sugar-Free Mom created this no-bake, gluten, dairy and sugar-free recipe for coconut butter bunnies. They’re not your traditional Easter treats, but they’re much healthier for your kids. Always a bonus: no baking is required, so you can make them in as little as 10 minutes. Just like that, adorable bunny shaped treats that you don’t have to feel bad about giving to your child.