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Pesto Shrimp Skewers

by Patty Santelli

Pesto Shrimp Skewers

Holiday PinwheelsKid-Friendly RecipesPrep time: 10 minutes
Broil: 5 minutes
Yield: 16 to 20 skewers

* 2 lbs large shrimp, peeled and deveined
* 1 Tbs olive oil
* salt and pepper to taste
* Cooking spray
* 32 to 40 grape tomatoes, about one basket
* Basil leaves OR green pepper, optional

* 3 Tbs refrigerated pesto sauce
* 11?2 cup light mayonnaise

1. Preheat broiler. In a medium bowl, combine shrimp with oil, salt, and pepper. Toss to coat. Place in a single layer on broiler pan coated with cooking spray. Broil, about 6 inches from heat source, for 2 to 3 minutes, or until shrimp are pink. Remove pan from broiler, turn shrimp, return to broiler, and cook until done, about 2 more minutes.

2. Once shrimp are cooked, remove from heat. While shrimp are cooling, combine pesto sauce and mayonnaise in a small bowl. 3. When shrimp are cool, thread onto skewers with cherry tomatoes and basil leaves or green pepper. Serve with pesto dipping sauce.

Kid-Friendly RecipeHow kids can help Combine pesto sauce and mayonnaise
Per Serving: 97 calories, 5 g fat (1 g saturated), 182 mg sodium, 88 mg cholesterol