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19 Quick ‘n Healthy Heat-Up Meals

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19 Quick ‘n Healthy Heat-Up Meals

Want dinner in a flash? Stick these tasty bites in the oven and watch your kids gobble ’em down

Tasty bursts of hummus, cheese, peanut butter, and more, these bites are quick to heat up and fun to gobble down.

Hummus Among Us

These mini-pitas stuffed with hummus are the perfect triumvirate of healthy, convenient, and kid-appealing. (Jeanette’s Pita Snacks, $4.49)

Cool Bean

South America’s substantial snack has gone healthy with brown rice and red kidney beans. (Rico M. Panada Baked Empanadas, $2.99)

All Greek to Brie

Luscious, sweet-savory phyllo rolls are cheesy and jammy — kinda like the Jonas Brothers. (The Fillo Factory Brie & Raspberry Fillo Rolls, $6.49)

Spice is Right

These Indian pastries with cilantro dipping sauce introduce kids to exotic flavors, though the spice is still as mellow as a long nap. Or so you’d think, if you actually took one. (Sukhi’s Samosa & Chutney, $6.99)

Burrito Bite

Pintos ‘n’ cheese blend to gooey perfection in these treats, which have a little bit of spice in every nibble. (Amy’s Nacho Snacks, $3.69)


Best way ever to get your brood to eat spinach: Mix it with cheese and wrap it in a pastry. (Whole Kitchen Spanakopita, $5.99)

A Taste of Spring

These fresh Asian rolls are stuffed with kid-friendlier veggies like sweet corn and carrots. (Blue Horizon Vegetable Spring Rolls, $4.99)

That’s Amore

This dinnertime regular doubles as a finger food. It cooks in a snap and has a yummy blend of Italian cheeses inside. (Buitoni Three Cheese Tortellini, $3.99)

Stick ‘er Here

Switch the fork for chopsticks so kids can try out their skills while scarfing these aromatic dumplings. (Ling Ling Chicken & Vegetable potstickers, $4.49)


If your kid’s a PB&J fiend, this pre-doctored sammy is a godsend when you’re in a bind. We’re crushing on the new wheat version, which has 16 grams of whole grains. (Smucker’s Uncrustables, $3)

Little Dumplin’

Imagine a kid who doesn’t like potatoes whipped with four kinds of cheese, then stuffed into a pasta shell. Can’t do it, can you? (Mrs. T’s Mini Pierogies, $3.49)

Warm & Toasty

Found: a healthy toaster pastry that’s jammy and sweet, but not too sugary. (Amy’s Toaster Pops in Strawberry, $1.99)

Pop a Pizza

The next time they want a slice, try Amy’s cheese-pizza toaster pastries; they’re like savory, better-for-you Pop-Tarts. Plus, they’re organic. (Amy’s Cheese Pizza Toaster Pops, $3.99)


There are four grams of protein in one serving of this pasta in a cheesy tomato sauce — enough
to hold a kid till dinner. (Annie’s All Stars, $2.59)


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Go Clubbing

These grilled mini-sandwiches will get high fives from your crew, and you’ll be happy about the calcium boost.
(Farm Rich Grilled Chicken Club Panini, $7.29)

Berry Good

Here’s a waffle (with a strawberry-filled center!) sweet enough to satisfy them but with enough whole grains to satisfy you. Less mess, too, if you skip the syrup. (Eggo Nutri-Grain Waffles, $2.99)

Mac Daddy

Just add water and microwave this miniature Easy Mac for a just-right portion of the classic
comfort food. (Kraft, 99 cents)

Green Giants

These broccoli-and-cheddar nuggets are so good, the kids won’t notice they’re packed with vitamin-rich veggies. (MorningStar Farms Veggie Bites, $4.29)

Spice Girls (and Boys)

When your kid’s craving spice, pop a couple tasty chicken-and-cheese taco roll-ups in the microwave, wait a minute, and serve.(El Monterey Taquitos, $6.99)