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Dinner Tonight, Lunch Tomorrow: Rice Recipes


Dinner Tonight, Lunch Tomorrow: Rice Recipes

This stir-fry recipe is so easy, you might actually squeeze in some me-time this evening. Plus, use leftover rice in a broccoli chicken salad for tomorrow's lunch.

From start to finish, our beef stir-fry recipe takes only seven minutes. It's a perfect alternative to grabbing something from the drive-thru on a busy night. Try brown rice for an extra nutritious meal.

Click here to see the full speedy beef stir-fry

If you have rice left over, toss it into this broccoli chicken salad for lunch. With orange juice in the dressing and dried cranberries, this salad pairs child-friendly flavors with parent-pleasing broccoli and brown rice. Hearty and full of textures, you'll want to pack some for your lunch, too. Kids can help by measuring the ingredients and stirring the salad.

Click here to see the full broccoli chicken brown rice salad