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Shrunken Head

by Sandra Markle; Elaine Magee

Shrunken Head

Prep time: none
Cook time: none
Serves: none

Vegetable peeler

Large apple, like Red Delicious or Gala

Popsicle stick or plastic knife

Medium bowl of water

Paper towels

Chocolate chips and popcorn kernels, optional

Paper plate

1. Adult should peel a “face” on the apple, leaving some skin on top to look like hair or a cap.

2. Using a Popsicle stick, carve eye sockets, a nose, and a mouth into the apple.

3. Place apple in the bowl of water and soak until flesh is soft, about 1 hour.

4. Remove apple and gently pat dry with paper towel. Use your fingers and Popsicle stick to refine your apple head’s features. Press in chocolate chips for eyes and popcorn kernels for teeth, if you like.

5. Set apple head on a paper plate in a sunny spot. Check on it daily to see how it shrivels; in three days or so, you’ll have a silly shrunken head (above).