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Smart Choices for a Healthy Summer

by Kate Bayless

Smart Choices for a Healthy Summer

Get A Healthy Start
A balanced breakfast is an important start to any day. Aim for a source of protein, whole grains, and at least one serving of fruit or vegetables. If you’re short on time, there’s no need to skimp on giving your body the nutrients it needs. Getting your body fueled for the day can be as easy as adding one scoop of Rainbow Light’s Vanilla Protein Energizer to your favorite juice. Simply scoop, shake, and sip! Add a scoop of the soy-free, dairy-free Protein Energizer to an 8-oz. glass of apple juice or try a combination of orange juice and pineapple for a tropical treat. Either way, you’ll be getting 15 g of protein to start your day off right.

Sneak in Your Greens
Ever feel as though getting your kids (or husband) to eat their veggies is an uphill battle? Help kids fall in love with healthy foods by visiting a farmers’ market to enjoy the colors, smells, and samples. Give your kids five dollars that they can spend on any fruits or veggie they want or agree each week as a family to try one new vegetable that the kids pick out at the store. In the meantime, it won’t hurt to sneak some greens into a treat like a chocolate milkshake. Add one scoop of Rainbow Light’s Chocolate Protein Energizer to 8 oz. of dairy, soy, or rice milk and 2 Tbs. of your favorite yogurt. Shake it up and rest assured that your kids will be getting 720 mg of green foods, including spinach, kale and dandelion greens. We won’t tell if you won’t!

Grub for On-the-Go
Whether you’re heading out for a day trip to the beach or a road trip across the state, it can be easy to be lured by the call of the convenience store when you have a car full of hungry kids. Keep your family away from the empty calories of junk food by packing healthy, filling snacks. Apples, carrots, and whole-grain granola bars are easy to pack and pass to the backseat. Choose energy-providing snacks that contain protein or healthy fats, such as almonds, string cheese, or a homemade smoothie with a scoop of Rainbow Light’s Ac?ai Berry Blast Protein Energizer that contains 14 grams of vegan, gluten-free protein, and 845 grams of energy-sustaining superfoods including acai, elderberry, kale, and beets.

Solve the Afternoon Slump
Day in the sun sapped your strength? Skip the sugary vending machine choices or drive-throughs and recharge with a snack that includes protein to reenergize and supernutrients like organic spirulina to kick your stamina into high gear. Try a Banana Chill by blending 8 oz. of milk, ½ banana, and 1 Tbs. of honey with 1 scoop of Rainbow Light Vanilla Protein Energizer and a cup of ice. The honey will give your blood sugar a quick kick while the 14 grams of protein will provide enough energy to make it through the afternoon. No caffeine needed!

Banish BBQ Bloat
Don’t let all those backyard barbecues bump up your hard-earned summer waistline! Instead, make a game plan before you arrive. First, drink a glass of water; hunger can often masquerade as thirst. Then pop a Rainbow Light’s ThinBerry Satiety™, a combination of all-natural herbs and botanicals that safely and effectively suppress your appetite and help you stay full longer—even against barbecue! Finally, find balance. If you’re planning on enjoying a cold cocktail, skip dessert. Did you take three chicken satay skewers from the roving appetizer trays? Fill your main course plate with crudités and salad. With the right strategies for smart summer eating, dinners out can be full of fun and flavor without too many calories. 

Guilt-Free Treats
Some hot summer days just beg for an icy treat. Keep your calorie count intact with a treat that tastes great and provides a balance of protein, whole-food nutrition, and greens while minimizing sugar, fat, and calories. Blend up 8 oz. of orange juice, 1 cup of vanilla yogurt, and a scoop of Rainbow Light’s Protein Energizer. Serve this orangesicle with fresh berries for a dessert you won’t feel guilty about enjoying. Bon appetit!